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  1. wait a minute.............your saying that a council, a council of this fine United Kingdom, Kingdom of all Kingdom's where we strive to be the best in every are of life, where every government does the best for its people and local governments and councils never waste money on conferences and bonus's.....your telling me that for once they are actually taking an interest in doing something useful and worthwhile!? Nah, there must be a drawback......are pigs flying in your part of the country, or have your councillors finally got hearing aids and managed to understand decency and grown a heart at last, giving up the powerful need to line their own pockets? Wow!
  2. a few things to listen to...........meteor showers, cmbr, radio 2 etc etc.
  3. Ah yes, I did some karting in summer and it was a bit of a pain getting the helmet on and off without breaking my glasses........however, Sebastian Bourdais drives an F1 car with glasses on.
  4. I wear glasses and I just take them off when looking through the eyepiece. Its not that much hassle once you get used to it, sometimes I leave them on, but the image is a little smaller and not ideal when your trying to find something i.e. dso's! I wouldn't go for contacts, there a waste of time if you ask me.
  5. I get what your saying 'kniclander'............however, my quarrel is two fold: 1) Surely the sensible option is to play rugby during summer, that way there is more natural lighting well up until 9pm. Also, it shan't be as cold, therefore better for the players (no injuries sustained from cold contact) and better for the spectators. Also, the company / persons that run the rugby wouldn't have to fork out money for oldstyle inefficient lighting. I dread to think what its like living in one of the houses nearby, be like a concentration camp I would reckon. 2) But secondly and more importantly my issue is with the proposed building of a new football ground, I agree with you that the rugby is only a few nights a week and even then its not over consecutive weeks. However, if a new football ground is built the site will be used much more regularly, not only for matches but for training aswell. The local football team is higher in there league than the rugby and they play more often, therefore it is inevitable that the lights will be on more often. Again, there seems an inability to have these matches at a sensible time...think about how much energy and money they would save by playing during the summer months around 6/7pm! This, along with the proposed 964 houses and link road will create a fair whack of light pollution, something none of us want!
  6. I took the pic especially for you Paul, i know how you like lunar images so much Anyway, you should have been flying not driving! I have a nice long and black 8 incher if you must know......impresses the ladies! But yeh, it needed collimating, I would get some shots tonight now that my cameras battery is charged, but the cloud may be an issue.
  7. Cheers. I had been watching the weather all afternoon and when it got to sunset I thought I would have a look at Venus, mainly because I had re-collimated my newtonian the other day. Anways I noticed that Miss Moon was out and thought, "I can possibly fit those two into a nice widefield shot". So, whipped out the dSLR and got shooting, however I soon realsied that I should have charged the old battery up cos' it said battery flat after a few goes........(the ones to get it focused). However, I find that with these rechargable batteries that if you leave them off for a few mins then go back to them you can get a few more images out of them...so I did that. My inital shots were taken inside through a window (if I had gone outside I would have been too low down to get the Moon and Venus would have been obscured by the neighbours houses.). There is a major issue with shooting through a window, the glass warps the image, so I opened up the window and this is one of those images. I did manage to train my scope onto the moon and it was showing an amazing crescent of about 5% with lovely Earth-glow but the battery was completely gone by then! Ed
  8. (click to enlarge) Olympus E-400, 200iso, 1/4sec
  9. Hey kids, Just thought I would report that a little website I set up for astronomy in my county has just yesterday received 500 hits. Not bad considering it only been running since late august and isn't broadly based! The site has had visits from all over the world, including; Canada, Mexico, United States, Australia, Indonesia, Korea, China, Russia, Israel, Germany, France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and of course Great Britain. Something which I did not really expect. The official number now lies at 503 but i think that there will probably be more like 550 however I did not link the site to an analytics page until a few weeks after its initial launch. Thanks to anyone who's visited / given images / allowed me to 'borrow' equipment reviews etc etc. The website does need some updating however, the 'latest news' section is a little lack-lustre but I am hoping to start an 'cosmo-jargo' section to give some information on astronomical / cosmological jargon i.e. messier, gamma ray burst, emission nebulae, hertsprung-russell diagram etc etc, which should have a new entry every week. Cheers.
  10. EA2007


    good that, well done!
  11. 'electromagnetic noise' from Earth hasn't reached very far, only around 50 light years and even then it is only the most powerful broadcasts which can make it truly into what we would determine as outer space. The issue relies on what is known as the San Marino scale, which I think is numerical based from 0 (being lowest power) to 10 (being highest power), the first broadcast to reach a level high enough to escape the Earth's atmosphere was the Olympics in the 1930's (the one with Adolf Hitler attending) and I think reached a scale level of 5, nowadays most broadcasts are of a level 3. So if aliens were broadcasting, they would have had to be: a) emitting for a very long time, on a scale of thousands or even millions of years. emit is such a fashion that the signal was strong enough to get to us. c) the probability that they can understand radio technologies like we do is probably quite good, if you use us as a benchmark for the standard across the universe then the probability is quite high....something known as the 1+1 theory, whereby if there is one of something, be it an object etc, then there must be one of the other OR the opposite, i.e. matter and anti-matter.
  12. its those two large fuzzy opnes that haven't moved very far that bother me........they must be pretty close to be that size, trouble is they don't really look like aircraft....could be balloons.
  13. Hey kids, Here's a brilliant example of light pollution from my neck of the woods. The white light you can see in the image below comes from 8 floodlights at the local rugby club nearly 1/2 a mile away. It must be said that the floodlighting can be seen from about 6 miles away........ Unsurprisingly the local district council have proposed plans to insert around 964 houses, along with some business buildings and a link road around the area of the rugby club, aswell as upgrading the club to a full-flow football club for the local town, so the light pollution is going to increase quite abit. Luckily the build shouldn't go ahead, and if it does then it shan't be until about 2020. (click to enlarge)
  14. In ascending order to your questions: 1) Most scopes gain condensation, you just need to figure out the scopes 'cool down' time and leave the cover off for an adequate amount of time. 2) This is a common mis-interpretation for someone looking through a scope, practically every object barring planets, the moon and stars appear in mono (black and white / grey)....you may notice though that viewing the Orion Nebula (M42) through a small refractor shows a slight green tinge and that in a short widefield exposure via a tripod mounted camera that Orion's belt (the are where M42 resides) is red/pruple. 3)There are a few easy galaxies to find via 'local' stars. Probably the easiest is M51; the whirlpool galaxy, just find the last star in the arc of Ursa Majors 'plough' (imagining that the plough is lying horizontal here) and from this head directly south. A slight move of the scope should show a small spirally faint object. Otherwise your after going for M31, its size is the main factor in finding it. I suggest downloading a star atlas rather that letting me give you dodgy directions!
  15. Thanks for that comment! I did have a goto scope but i sold it last year....so now I have a dob, but it just doesn't seem to focus i.e. the focal point is very close to the OTA, hence me having to remove most of the crayford. As for the inside part...well I couldn't be bothered lugging the whole thing downstairs and outside, there was some condenstaion on the mirror with this shot, but not much. The worst part was trying to keep the camera steady when the shutter released, the first few shots were wobbly plus I estimated that I was still off focus by about 1mm. It was quite lucky that earlier on in the day I had collimated the scope (i have had it for nearly 3 years and not done it until now...bad astronomy!). Man was the primary mirror out of alignment or what, here's Venus before collimation from a few nights ago: (click to enlarge)
  16. Cheers, However, I think the 'stars' are just hot pixels......the camera has some issues.
  17. I put the 'with a twist' bit on so you would look ha ha: Anyway, here's Venus, before you look and go "ah its....okay" remember that this was taken afocally in a bedroom with the window open, quite early in the evening (obviously, but it affects contrast!) and that because my newt. doesn't focus with an slr then i had to remove the enrtire crayford (apart from the screwed on bit) and then clamp it onto the ota with my hands, without any tracking..........not bad (click to enlarge) Spec: Olympus E-400, 400iso, 1/4 sec.
  18. Hey kids, Everyone having a good weekend so far? Anyone come across Microsoft World Wide Telescope? Its freeware, very good freeware in my opinion and is Microsofts very own attempt at a planetarium / research platform for a) school pupils and the general public. Far better than GoogleSky in my opinion....but i noticed that with their latest release the choice of 'satellites' available to choose from (the ones that show the universe in different wavelengths etc) is lower than previous versions.....anyone else noticed this? I think you can actually control your scope with this piece of software and it has a host of other features which I am yet to play with. Check it out..... Edna.
  19. er...yeh, i agree with that lot Paul. (just left u a msg on faceybuk)
  20. I think the '2' in T2 stands for 2 inches diameter, but not sure.
  21. Hey kids, Not sure if I have raised this 'query' before or if anyone else has on this forum (astucally i think i have but can't be bothered to look for it)........anyways here it is: Say that all of a sudden a hole appeared in the Earth, a hole big enough to stretch from the good old U.K. right through to the Pacific, right through the core of our lovely planet..... Now, (i know that all you people with adenoids will be going "ooh, thats scientifically incorrect, you can't do that...."etc etc)...relax, its a 'what if' scenario, now say one were to jump into the hole......the big question and crux of this post is: would you get stuck in the middle, in say a kind of floating manner? My own opinion is that after the initial fall (lets say from the northern hemisphere down to the southern) that you would make some indentation into the southern hemisphere and then be repelled back in the other direction and so forth......now due to loss of energy (bit like those swinging balls) you would eventually end up soemwhere around the middle just rotating at some unknown speed in a non-gravity manner...bit like an iron filing in a magnetic field. Anyways, enjoy.
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