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  1. Hi Alex and welcome. I think you can bring a lot of expertise the the forum. great imaging. John
  2. Hi Peter and welcome to SGL. John
  3. night_owl


    Hello Mark. I think you have picked the best forum so welcome to SGL
  4. Thanks Ron, Raining again up here in Newcastle
  5. Welcome Ramsey. I'm sure you can bring some of you're experience to the SGL forum.
  6. Well I've had my scope for a week now and looked at the moon tonight, glimpse Vega, saw Polaris briefly and, I think Capella. I found it very difficult to sight my (Celestron 114EQ) because of intermittent cloud cover rolling in most of the time, I tried very hard to see Jupiter but not to be and to much street lighting on that side of the house, but what a great start. I know me and my scope are very limited but I really enjoyed my time out and hope to be more organised next time. My Stellarium was a great help with general location, star name and statistics. I can't wait to get it to Turkey
  7. In can only echo what the majority are saying and that I never have to wait long for sound advice and help. Can you send someone round to make these clouds go away, I've done nothing but clean the dam thing since I got it. Are there Stars up there....... Really?
  8. I'm absolutely gob smacked that someone could take the time to do that. Thank you very much for sharing them.
  9. Herbig Is that white powdery stuff on the Internal-External of the tube? Well, It's the aluminium oxidisation process that aluminium goes through to repair itself from corrosion and requires a closer look. You may be able to clean it with (Dry) steel wool or very fine emery paper, if internal, attach some steel wool to a string or rod (As in cleaning a rifle) and then coat with petroleum jelly or a chain spray lube and wipe off any access. In fact I would advise anyone with quality tripods to spray the internals with WD40 or chine lube. Some of these tubes have been laying around manufacturin
  10. Very nice indeed Paul, I'm still at the dreaming stage....... but some day.
  11. You could install a switch at the bottom and turn it off on clear nights, put some blinds up or remove the bulb and replace with a 15W bulb..... just a thought
  12. Lots of work and effort done so far but, some way to go, so hope it all works out for you soonest, it look the dogs ****** and I'm green with envy. Good luck and would love to see it once completed
  13. Interesting posts by all and glad you got it sorted at last.
  14. Just sent an email to my local (Newcastle AS group) and waiting for some feed back, as a Newbi I feel the need to start somewhere I can get some information and to see what's available. Is there anyone on the board a member? I find that their Web page is a little out of date (April 2013) so hope that the meets are informative. I sometimes think that its up to the individual to try a little harder when meeting new people/groups for the very first and, be patient. (I'm still getting to know the wife and been married for 35 years)
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