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  1. The Go Stargazing team are working towards arranging a nationwide stargazing weekend in place of BBC Stargazing Live to take place on 16th and 17th December, coordinated with the National Parks Dark Skies festival... For more info see http://gostargazing.co.uk/2017/12/12/bbc-stargazing-live-2018/ it would be great to have your support!
  2. Hi ericemms our website already links to the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers website. All of the events we feature on Go Stargazing link to their respective organisers.
  3. Hi Tony! Is this starcamp open to the public and if so is it OK for me to add it to our website?
  4. Hi! We promote your "irregular" events on our website hope it helps raise awareness of them!
  5. I have been to both Kielder and Galloway and they are both fantastic events -- well worth the trip!
  6. Perhaps a gift certificate to visit Kielder Observatory?
  7. Hi! I've added the details of this event to our website -- hope it helps get bookings for the campsite, we haven't been for a few years hoping to come along this February! Neill (and Karen)
  8. Wow! Galloway Star Camp #4 was awesome, especially on the Saturday night! Will forever remember the views and amazing level of detail on Jupiter through Dixie's 8" SCT (just goes to show you don't need a big scope). Many thanks to Steve and Lesley for organising things and for everyone's company, it was great to see you all again. Already looking forward to the next one! Neill & Karen
  9. Only 4 more sleeps before we go to Kielder! Looking forward to seeing you all there, plan is to have a go at some planetary imaging with my Toucam if I can get it working with my laptop! And we have a new tent with plenty of 'entertaining space' in case the clouds roll in...
  10. Back home from another fantastic Kielder star camp! Whilst the Wednesday and Thursday nights started a bit overcast both cleared to reveal a magnificent view of the Milky Way, Jupiter looked resplendent and the sight of Orion rising from below the tree line helped reinforce Kielder as my favourite place to stargaze. It was great to see so many new faces this Autumn, I really wish those that turned up on the Friday and Saturday had a clear sky to remember as this would have easily offset the weather and made their trip to Kielder worthwhile. Yes it was a bit wet but nothing more than a pair o
  11. Anyone up for a game of golf? Dweebostar will you let me win again? If so I'll bring my sticks!
  12. Karen and I are planning to be there on Tuesday although we do want to get there before MG1 so might set off the Saturday before! ;-) Really looking forward to catching up with everyone and meeting new peeps! See you soon!
  13. Karen and I are back home and back to normality! We had a great weekend, many thanks Steve for organising, the campsite and facilities were top notch! Great location, being able to see the milky way from one horizon to the other was a fantastic and memorable sight, the best I have yet seen! And thanks to all of our new friends who made this star camp so friendly and sociable! See you at Kielder or back at Galloway next November (if not hopefully before!). N&K
  14. Sorry that Karen and I won't be there this weekend as we have other plans, hope the weather holds out for you!
  15. Karen and I will be there from the Wednesday, really looking forward to it!
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