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  1. My cheap eBay Serial > USB didn't work and has caused me a week of annoyance. Just replaced it, on advice, with the one from Astronomiser and it worked first time. Stellarium is cool as a control though isn't it?
  2. Aha... sorted. Bought the cable from Astronomiser yesterday afternoon, amazingly it turned up this morning - top service, plugged it in, worked fine. Seems all cables are indeed not made equal - although it even uses the same drivers.. Thanks for the advice guys... Paul :-)
  3. You're going to find the clear skies more of a prob than the alignment. I've been gagging for a decent night since I opened the box...
  4. Yes ^ this. I put my Long/Lat in the wrong way round first when I was messing. I think the N co-ordinate goes first. As I say, Brightest Star wasn't he best option for me. Correct. There is no 1 Star align, Brightest Star then asks for a secondary and obv 2 star does. I presume brightest star is just supposed to be easier because it half calculates what you need to look for.
  5. Hey. I have a similar issue. My garden faces south too. I have the same scope as well. Had it for a week, only managed to get it aligned once due to the clouds but when I did I found it easier to align it with the two star method. I found I had a better choice than using Brightest Star. With BS I could pick something like Pollux easily enough but after that it all got a bit vague. When I did get it aligned though it worked a treat. Banged in M42 into the handset and 20 seconds later was looking at my first Nebula...amazing stuff.
  6. . Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah tried that, don't think my setup needs it but still no movement. Hmmm.
  7. Hey guys. I've been lurking for a week or so now. Used to be into star gazing as a youngster and fell away. Anyway, bought myself a rubbish ebay telescope just after Christmas and thankfully, withi a fortnight decided it wasn't for me and upgraded to something with a bit more oomph - a Synscan AZ Goto Sky Watched 130p. Anyway, I'm loving it so far - although my God, howmuch cloud? I've had it nearly a week now and only had about an hour's worth of viewing but Jupiter and it's moons plus M42, I found breathtaking - even the missus loved it, so I'm quids in here, picked a good 'un and all that. Anyhoo....I'm trying to control the wee fella via a lappy and Stellarium and having zero joy. I've tried a laptop and even a desktop with no luck. I set it all up (latest version obv) and if I select the correct com port on my USB-Serial adapter it says it's connected but CTRL1 does zippo. If I change the Com to something wrong it won't say it's connected so I'm confident it's seeing it at least... Anyway, the icing on an annoying cake is I just went through all the jive to install the Ascom stuff for CdC. Selected Celestron drivers (couldn't find Synscan ones) and press the button and it began to slew immediately - having said that, it then crashed and now says I have no Celestron scope attached but I briefly had control so a) that's much more irritating and it means my cable talks to the mount. Has anybody any ideas? I saw a post from fella on here having exactly the same prob and one day he just seemed to hold down CTRL1 down for five secs, click the target again and it fired into life, but no joy with that for me. I'm pretty au fait with PCs and will not be beaten but this is getting close after a couple of nights of trying. The scope is currently in my front room with wires trailing everywhere and it's just staring at me like a cocky teenager saying 'come on - next move" Help? Btw, I'm enjoying reading these forums, perhaps more than any ever. I'm hook lined and sinkered.... Cheers guys, have a nice night.
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