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  1. I may turn mine into a plant pot now. Lock it vertically, fill it with soil and maybe plant a suitably astronomically named species in there. Sun flower of something :-)
  2. It's about 11pm for me here in Manc before it's in a decent enough position to catch it properly. Saw it for the first time two nights ago. Awe inspiring.
  3. Aye be wary if the USB converter. I wasted a week with one from eBay before I bought one for £14 from Astronomiser that worked first time. On the exploree Synscan goto 130p you don't put it in PC Direct mode. Assume it's the same on your scope but stand to be corrected.
  4. I got sucked in by them as a first scope. Lasted two weeks before I cut my losses and bought a Skywatcher 130. I think it's the eyepieces as much as anything but I can't even be bothered to try my decent ones with it. It's a shame because loads will be lost to the hobby who buy stuff like this unknowingly. I was lucky. Somebody at work offered to take it off my hands as he had a passing interest. Wouldn't let him. Didn't want to put him off. I'm gonna turn mine into a lamp I think.
  5. I saw it too. Beautiful stuff. Took my three year old outside and she's going on about space ships now.
  6. I ordered my TMB from Alan at SkysTheLimit one afternoon and had it the next morning. It may not have a fancy ordering system however, I emailed him. he told me he had it in stock and I bought it and it arrived Unlike two things I am currently waiting for that i had no idea wasn't in stock from a much more popular retailer on here. He also does the eyepiece try before you buy thing too whic is handy if you are unsure what you need. Eyepiece wise I gave the 6mm TMB Planetary a run out on Saturn the night before last and was impressed enough to be considering another.
  7. There's an app as well if you have an iPhone /pad which is quite useful as a heads up if you are out and about without proper net access. It's called ISS Visibility. It seems to pull the same data as the common websites. You still have to have a vague idea which direction to look in but it's handy for timings, mag etc...
  8. Love mine but it was only about £240 new from FLO. Don't rely on batteries for long though ;-)
  9. Quick question to see if anybody else has experienced the same prob and to put my mind at rest... Had my 130p Synscan AZ Goto for 3 weeks or so and obviously hardly got any use out of it. Still on the first set of batteries as I haven't got round to getting a power tank yet.. Anyway last night...completed alignment as usual but as it got to the second star and was slowing down its slewing, I took a peek in the VF and it was just coming into view, all of a sudden the scope took off at it's fastest rate and tried to point itself vertical. I put it down to a quirk, but then later on it did exactly the same thing. Just as it was coming to a stop it fired off to the vertical again... Now I did the change the batteries and it sounded a lot more powerful than it was doing and it didn't do it again, but I only got about 15 mins more viewing out of it before the clouds came in. Does this sound indicative of waning batteries or should I be more concerned? i know batteries are a rubbish method of powering it but I'm nervous about a fault now.
  10. Same here in Manchester...that was my first sighting....awesome.
  11. I know the answer to this is going to be glaringly obvious but on an eyepiece such as a TMB Planatary - why can you twist up the eyecup? I presume it may be to do with eye relief. As a glasses wearer where should it be?
  12. Nah it will be fine. I've waited a fortnight and the one night I'm off out to the football....
  13. I'm reading it at the moment on Kindle for iPhone. I'm enjoying it and it's informative stuff, obviously everybody recommends it. Yeah there are just line drawings and tables which are not brilliant on an iPhone...also a lot of the dates / tables refer to star positions between the years 2000 and 2011 so info is knd of out of date in some respects. For me, it's not a prob as I am cheating with a GOTO mount and enjoying it as it explains nicely what it is I am actually looking at...well other than clouds!
  14. Got my scope outside, got it aligned. Cloud comes over. Drizzle starts. got scope back inside... I have picked the most frustrating hobby I have ever had! Thankfully I am sure the rewards are just around a cloudy corner!
  15. I'm sniffing around a planetary eyepieces as well at the mo This guy Sky's the Limit offers a try before you buy on eyepieces - well you pay up front and if you decide an eyepiece isn't for you after he's sent a sample he refunds you. I've just emailed him to see what he hs in in stock? Has anybody bought from here previously?
  16. Thanks guys, heaps to go on there! Cheers!
  17. Aloha, just a bit of advice sought. I have a Skywatcher GOTO 130p but have the option from a friend of geting hold of his Skywatcher Skymax 127 tube, which I think should be fine on my mount so I can still use my Synscan stuff. Was wondering if it's worth it and will I see any benefits, and if so what, over my 5" Newt. Am I going to see better views of solar system objects? And enough to make it worthwhile? Cheers guys Paul
  18. I had a crack at this the other day but need to spend more time on it really..I could see where it was going but need to photograph the ground etc as well. Also couldn't work out how to orientate the image so that S was S etc...
  19. What EPs have you got..even the cheapest ones I had originally had a screw-thread on the bottom. Just screw 'em in if you can?
  20. I have the 130 and have one too..I believe it changes the focuser into being able to accept 2" eyepieces rather than 1.25", if it's the bit I'm thinking of. The two thumbscrews are what secure the eyepiece just like on the 1.25"
  21. I saw the Orion Nebula for the first time about five days ago and again last night. It was much fainter last night so I put it down to atmospherics. In Manchester, even though it was a "clear night", there was a paper thin layer of cloud knocking about.
  22. I've had my scope for a week and have barely managed to get it outside. Only managed a 2 star align once... Saw yesterday that I have clearskies forecase for tonight from six, then realised I have a meal booked at 7 with the missus for Valentine's day...thing is..I actually thought about rearranging it ;-)
  23. Agreed, Granted part of the reason I wanted to set it up was because I knew I could (PC geek in me you se), however, the handset menus aren't briliantly overfriendly for noobs. With Stellarium I can look and se something I think looks interesting and click on it....rather than not having a clue what it's called.
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