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  1. Aloha.

    I was playing with my Skywatcher 130 GOTO last night but for a change was up at the top of my house rather than the garden to clear the treeline and get Saturn a bit earlier.

    Anyway, because of my restricted view up there I couldn't do the align so I just pointed the scope at Saturn and had some great viewing...

    However I couldn't get it to track well at all.

    I tried the Autotracking which did seem to move the scope but didn't keep Saturn in view and the other option in the menu is just Tracking and I can choose Sidereal, Lunar or Solar.

    Am I right in thinking I should choose Solar?

    has anybody had a decent track with this kind of gear and knows what I was doing wrong?

    Should point out that when I had the scope aligned the other night and used the GOTO on Saturn it did track it.

    Do I need to be properly aligned?


  2. I don't think we rely on it any more than say Sat Nav to find a house. As you know, that doesn't always work.

    I think it makes things more accessible. I didn't gave much of a clue besides the obvious stuff... Moon, Orions Belt etc but the Goto has actually taught me. I can recognise more if the sky after a month if using it than I ever would without.

    Also I can't draw / Sketch either !

    I'm already looking at a bigger scope by the end of the year and that prob won't need to be a Goto set-up. Had I jumped in with a 10 inch Dob first there's a fine chance it would be dust gathering in the shed by now.

  3. They multiply very rapidly when there is food present They carry and spread disease. They gnaw and damage things indiscriminately. I've had them chew the wiring out of a pickup truck.


    Unfortunately you could be talking about the kids round here with the exception of the pickup maybe. We don't shoot them either.

    And some people think the US has gun probs? Shooting mice? Too strange.

  4. I have exactly the same set up and not had a problem. The second star align is generally in the vicinity unless my batteries are running down in which case anything can happen.

    You do not need to set any mount type. Don't even think you can.

    If you are totally positive your date and long / lat is correct and in the right order it must be faulty?

    Be wary though. I had my long / lat in back to front and wasted two hours of frustration first time out.

  5. Yeah what you turn on your don to make your image clearer through an eyepiece that's the focuser.

    You will also have to turn the focuser when your cam is in until you can see whatever u are pointing at clearly.

    Turn it slowly. Wait for it to settle and turn it again until u start seeing craters. It is out there. Promise ;-)

  6. I wouldn't rely on any company website to be accurate when it comes to stock levels, always better to talk to someone if possible.

    Well not in this game for some reason although other online shops seem to manage online stock control.

  7. Tragically, most people who buy them though (myself included 2 months ago) would think you were speaking a different language there though fella.

    Don't get me wrong, I looked at the moon through mine and was pleased, just knew I wanted more, so I bought a decent one.

    The major problem is the eyepieces. Once you get past the 20mm you may as well be looking through the bottom of a milk bottle...

  8. I really don't think the OP is going to need to spend 10k to get a tube/mount he can attach his camera to to have a crack at getting some pictures out.

    He asked for advice on what gear to start out with, not to challenge Hubble.

    Mate, I'm having fun and getting results i'm pleased with from my back garden with £30 quids worth of webcam and adapter. The first time you see Saturn or the moon craters on your laptop screen your smile will add to the light pollution.

    Good luck with it.

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