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  1. We went last year. Skies weren't clear once but you'll have a fab time even if you don't see the Aurora. Awesome place.
  2. Anybody know why they have been discontinued? There must be a replacement of sorts on the horizon. It was such a popular scope?
  3. Yeah. I can't hold the brightness wheel tight enough because it's jammed solid. Will try the wd40, not a bad shout. have a feeling it may be cross threaded. Failing that it'll have to be a wrench or a vice but that's gonna damage the paintwork unfortunately.
  4. Change batteries? Power? First port of call when anything goes wrong with mine, and that's usually it...
  5. Hiya. Looking for help from anybody who might know this equipment. Bought one second hand recently and really like it but it's cone to battery change time and I cant get into it to change it. There is a screw cap with a slot for a driver or coin on top of the brightness wheel but I can't budge it. Every time I try and turn the screw cap the brightness wheel goes with it. Am I being gormless?
  6. Had my scope two months now and not been any further with it than the garden. This weekend though we are off to the Lakes and it's supposed to be clear so along comes my Sky Watcher 130p. I'm looking for travel advice really. Best ways to safely transport it. The missus is driving so none of us may get there but still ;-)
  7. Yeah mine was £30 from Maplins and I noticed an instant difference. I think with AAs you don't notice it all slowing down but it does. Just get a jump starter / compressor thing. Mine came with a lead that fit my synscan and I haven't looked back. Plus you don't have to worry about running out of juice just as Saturn hoves into view on a rare clear one.
  8. Change your batteries. Mine used to go mental up and down when powering off batteries when they were running down. If you have been using the same set for eight days.....
  9. I would almost bet my house on it being the serial to USB converter. Had exactly the same prob and wasted a fortnight, then somebody suggested I get the one Astronomiser sells. I did and it worked instantly. And yeah, you have to align first :-)
  10. Same in Manchester...was saying to the missus when I first started 5 weeks or so ago the sky was much er "blacker"...these last couple of weeks you can see a tangible orange...It's rubbish...
  11. I got this one on offer. Similar obv but they didn't have the one you linked to... Compact Battery Jumpstarter with 260 PSI Air Compressor : Maplin
  12. Okay. So now the clocks have gone forward what do I put in my Synscan handset. Do I put the actual time or the time with an hour off but add an hour when it asks for the timezone during alignment?
  13. Took the plunge with a £30 Maplin one myself yesterday. Works great. Although turned the compressor on and nearly had heart failure!
  14. Cheers guys. Thought as much. Just didn't want to miss anything. Seems a bit ridiculous but still.
  15. I thought it may be something like that but I can't find anything to loosen. It's a sealed unit?
  16. Daft question time. I have a Sky Watcher Goto mount. On the occasions I don't want to be bothered aligning and or have no power but want to have a poke around, is there a way to move it manually? The mount won't move left to right on the tripod. Do I have to control by the controller all the time ? I know the answer is Get A Dob but shush ;-)
  17. So is anybody using one of the Maplin ones to power a Skywatcher Synscan AZ Goto mount? The only reason I ask is the only connector lead I can find at FLO is Cables, Leads and Controllers which specifically says: Not suitable for Celestron SLT, Celestron CGEM, Skywatcher Supatrak or Skywatcher AZ-GOTO mounts.
  18. I've had my 130 for about six weeks now and it was seeing the moons that blew me away. Seeing four in a line around Jupiter is still my favourite thing I have seen. Saw Titan the other night too and that was awesome because I've seen the progs on what it's like. Being able to see it and imagine what's going on there as I do was pretty awe-inspiring. If you are anything like me you are gonna have an exciting few months ahoy :-)
  19. Righty, Right click your Stellarium short cut and in the TARGET box you need this (replacing the first bit obv, if Stellarium isn't in the defaul install directory... "C:\Program Files\Stellarium\stellarium.exe" --safe-mode This forces Stellarium to use a work-around for the problems it has with some graphics cards. Works for me using this...
  20. I had gfx probs on my newish laptop. Googled it and found a solution that involves me starting it up in a diff mode via a command line and it works fine. Can't remember off top of my head what it is. Will post back later when I boot it.
  21. Yeah I have but spent two weeks trying it with a cable that didn't work before buying one from Astronomiser that worked straight away.
  22. Congrats mate. My daughter was born two weeks early too....At least now you have a legitimate reason to be kept up all night ;-)
  23. Okay so I'd like to have a peek at the sun with all this activity that's going on at the mo. What are peoples best suggestions? 1-Make my own filter with solar film? If so, what's the best stuff to buy to ensure I don't blind myself? 2- buy a ready made filter. If so which? 3-forget it with my scope ? I know all about removing the finder etc. I have read a bit around the subject. Just slightly nervous if buying the wrong equipment
  24. Lol weird. I've "trained" my three year old to say exactly the same thing. She can also tell you that Saturn has rings and Jupiter has stripes. Heh. She saw the ISS with me the other week and thinks Peppa Pig was on board because of the moon / rocket episode hehe.
  25. Cheers for that Falcon. I have that manual but I never considered I might be able to virtually disregard the second star and correct it later. Much help thanks.
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