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  1. Globs , love globs . Particularly m2 and m13 . I was impressed with them when I had a small refractor, then I peered through the 8” dob !
  2. The improvement from 130 to 200 is significant, so in answer to you question. No I doubt you’d be disappointed. saving made from purchasing 8” over 10 “ , could be used to bang on a telrad or a fancy eyepiece . Although others will tell you ... Aperture is king ?
  3. Having previously owned 8” and 10” skywatcher dobsonians , I personally felt the 8” was better value . More forgiving on eyepieces , slightly easier to shift about and obviously cheaper . But importantly, to my eyes ( admittedly novice ones ) the difference visually is very slight indeed , often I couldn’t tell any difference. Im hoping to jump back in to visual astronomy soon and will be looking at an 8” dob .which particular make is another dilemma , although the bressers look the mutts . If I were to go for something of real improvement visually from that ,I’d skip
  4. Thanks for your reply . Does the base move smoothly without needing to start DIY ing ?
  5. Anyone own or used one of these ? views / thoughts ? Ta .
  6. Looking for any recommendations for a stargazing / moon book suitable for youngsters.(7&8) It will be a gift to go along with a small telescope ( probably a sw heritage 76) Turn left is an option , but any other recommendations greatly appreciated. Clear skies
  7. Like Patbloke , i got by with a cheap drum stool , works well for about £20 . Agree also regarding a raci Finder or telrad/ rigel finder . Straight through finders on dobs are terrible to use .
  8. hope it brings you years of enjoyment. as stated above ,theres little in the way of images of this scope. whats the collimation adjusters like ? knobs or screws /alen keys .
  9. A great post , thanks for sharing .
  10. have to say that looks very nice for a mass produced scope. very nice indeed. any idea who makes the mirrors for this ?
  11. rory

    Meesier 13

    Fantastic work .
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