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  1. Hello folks

    I am about to buy a t ring for my explorer 150pl so I can use my Nikon D700 and my D90 to take some pictures of the moon and whatever else my scope is capable of. I don't have a goto system but this is a something I wish to purchase in the near future. Can anyone suggest any suitable t rings for me. I have looked at different t rings on various sites but I am looking for some of the good people on the forum to point me in the right direction and if possible pass on some links.

    Thank you as always


  2. Hello there

    Recently purchased an explorer 150 pl and I have been very pleased with its performance. Already I have seen Jupiter and four of its moons. However I am seeking advice on lenses and filters. I would like to purchase a lense which would be suitable for planetary use. I have also realised my Nikkon D90 does not attach to the direct dslr connection. Is there an adaptor for the Nikkon available? Finally I would like to get a moon filter but I'm not too sure on what would be suitable. Is there filters which produce better viewing of the planets? Before I forget I'm on a limited budget too. Thanks for any forthcoming advice. I


  3. Hi there

    I'm in the process of buying my first telescope and I am seeking advice. The telescopes I am interested in are the Sky Watcher 150P EQ 3-2 and the Sky Watcher 150PL EQ 3-2. I'm not too sure which one to get or if there is another suitable telescope in the same price range. In the near future I would like to add the GOTO system because I would like to explore astrophotography. I do know not to expect too much with the telescopes in my budget ( £250).

    I would appreciate any advice.


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