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  1. Excellent i will get one ordered straight away
  2. I will be watching this thread with interest as its probably how i will be able to buy my first scope
  3. wozza


    Welcome ,im sure you will get the scope sorted with the help on here
  4. I know how you feel ,the more i read on here the more desperate i feel to get my hands on a scope
  5. Thanks ,i will check HA and see what time its over ,am i likely to see it with just bino's?
  6. When will this go over tomorrow ? am i looking for lights close together?
  7. Welcome ,you did check the sponser at the top of the page didn't you ? i only ask as if i have learn't one thing in my short time here it's that FLO are rarely beaten on price
  8. Welcome Nick ,if you can't get an answer here its not worth knowing
  9. Just found out that Simon Ould is bringing his space dome to the Quantoks next week so i will hopefully be able to book in . The space odyssey dome looks quite good for beginners to learn what is in the sky and where it is and i need all the help i can get . Has anyone heard of this chap or been to one of the lectures ?
  10. Excellent site ,but my only gripe again is about the buy and sell ,i am new to this and without a scope have very limited knowledge so find it hard to get my posts up without just posting drivel and i would feel a bit more happy buying from people who are passionate about their hobby than someone off ebay looking to make a quick buck
  11. Another helpful thread ,i was starting to panic reading this at first thinking that not only do i have to budget for a scope but will need some extra for EP's before i even use it
  12. Very helpful in my journey to find a scope
  13. Thanks Barkis ,i suppose i'm too used to forums where they seem to slate you for not knowing as much as they do .
  14. wozza


    Hello and welcome you will find a very friendly helpful bunch on here just as i have
  15. Hello Dave ,they are all very friendly here and very helpful too
  16. Thanks very much ,i have written that down for future reference
  17. Apologies if its been covered before but i was reading another thread and some one suggested to night sky website so i have had a look and it asks for your longditude and latitude ,so how do i find out exactly where i am ? thanks in advance
  18. Thats a great link ,but there is only one person on the map near me and that is John H so i will have to chat him up for a look at his equipment
  19. I have been looking on there as well and some of the buy it now prices for a used scope are only a few pounds less than buying a new one with guarantee
  20. Wow that's thrown a spanner in the works ,i didn't even think about this looks like i might have to reacess again
  21. Right i thought i knew what scope i wanted but now im not so sure .I was looking at either the skywatcher 130 m or p but i am now thinking maybe a heritage 130 dob and there is also a meade ds 2114atc for sale near me so which one does what best ? My budget is around the £150-£180 mark would only be taking it into the garden or the field across the road and very occasionally go to the Quantocks so it doesn't have to be too portable but i would like to maybe be able to connect up a laptop so we can all see what is being viewed so which one should i be looking at ?
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