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  1. Isn't it just great when you see things for yourself
  2. Jon looks like i might have to call on you for some tips as its the next village along and not very far
  3. So i take it you are quite local to me then Jon?
  4. http://www.maplin.co.uk/5-in-1-jumpstarter-with-digital-air-compressor-388125 this is what i use and it always works fine and i got mine in the clearance bit because the label was coming off for £25
  5. Thanks for that Matt , i didn't even know there was an astronamy society in Bridgwater. Matt you are not into scooters by any chance are you ? and i take it you must be close to me as well ? Im in Stogursey.
  6. Thanks for that Jack , but would i be able to control my scope with my lappy ?
  7. Amazon said they had a 500% increase in telescope sales when the program was on
  8. If i get these cables will i be able to use my lap top and stellarium to control my skywatcher goto ? eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  9. Does anyone go on the Quantocks to do their stargazing ? There must be someone as its easily as dark as Exmoor and not too far from me either
  10. The thing is he has really inspired many to take up stargazing and when was the last time anything to do with stargazing was on prime time tv? He's good i think and apparently according to Amazon there was a 500% increase in the sale of telescopes during the program so lots of others must like something he has said .
  11. wozza


    I know how to build a good pier Bizbuilder its how to fit my goto to it im not sure of .
  12. wozza


    Noaksey any chance of a couple of pictures so i can visualise what your saying ?im pretty good with metal so if i have an idea i will probably be able to knock something up
  13. Thanks for that Black Knight ,that makes it sound a lot easier .
  14. Thanks for the tips guys ,i will have to have another look and see where i get .Not too sure if i have a manual as i bought the scope used . Another thing,when i have set it up do i have to go through it all every time i get the scope out ? Sometimes wish i just had a manual scope but i got this thinking it would help me out as a novice and now i think its doing the opposite
  15. All i can find is it says sky watcher goto and has a syn scan handset with it and a 130 tube
  16. I have been reading a few threads about goto mounts etc and i was confused (not hard i know) mine tells me to align to 3 stars but when i am trying to do it i can never find any of the ones in the handset ? am i a complete plonker or is there an easier way ?
  17. Now i have managed to keep my scope i want to build something in the garden to use it in but looking at all the obs building threads everyone has a pier to mount their scope . Now i have a skywatcher with an AZ goto mount and wondered if they can or even need to be on a pier ?
  18. I bought mine from Maplins ,its one of the jump start power packs and was about £25 delivered and my goto can only be moved up and down when its off
  19. I was desperate for my posts to go up so i could hopefully get a bargain in the for sale section ,but now i have it is obvious i still have a lot to learn as looking at most of the ads i have no idea what they are selling
  20. Not sure now Brantuk ,i have deleted it all and i will take the cable back .I might even take my lap top and the synscan handset and see if they can get any joy in the shop
  21. Well after packing it all back up a very small disc fell out of the packaging so i have tried to install what is on it but it will not run ,just comes up with a list of contents and makes no attempt to install whats on it
  22. Not sure John ,it doesn't say anything on the packet but i am thinking i might have to take it back and get one from FLO or somewhere
  23. Yes that just runs through until com port 16 then just says failed
  24. When i plugged it in first i got something about usb drivers detected and now i just get the little blue circle for a second or so
  25. PSI ? Earl i don't know what you mean by that Brantuk i have a usb to rs232 (serial)converter cable which is what i thought i need
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