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  1. ive got a heritage 130p skywatcher and quite frankly ive got the same problem,lol i got a good look at the moon , but nothing with me 2 x barlow lense,, begining to think this is a dummie of a scope for starters,,perhaps im the dummy ill go the north staffs astro meeting and take it with me so they can help me sort it out , all the best
  2. hi there , got my binos 15x 70,from first light optics, very good indeed but like i was told they are too heavy to old up for any length of time,,so i need help or advice about getting a tripod, i have a metal bracket from first light optics, now eres the qs , in argos they have a range of tripods , could anyone tell me which one is the best to get for the lowest price, and when they say they are for cameras or video cams,, will they infact be ok for binoculars with a bracket which i have got,, i have an argos down the road so i want to just go there to get one ,, ere is the link for argos tripods,, could anyone tell me if they reckon one of theses could be suitable for me , thanks my binocs are revelation astro ones 15x 70 if u could help me it would be appreciated eres the argos link Results for TRIPODS - Argos.co.uk thanks russ stoke on trent
  3. yer i didnt want to cause offence aswell, it wont encourage new people to astronomy like say porf cox , but hey hes a legend , just wanted to air my view thats all,,
  4. argh youve been watching him 35 yrs ,, well ill have to get some more viewing done then ,,,hes great ,, just struggle at times all the best
  5. hi all,, having just really started with astronomy , cant wait to use my new 15 x 70 binos... i thought i would watch the sky at night , but im sorry for saying this but i cant understand what SIR patrick moore says,,he talks to fast for me,,or is it just me , does anybody else struggle to understand him ,, hey i know hes the main man , but i feel its time for prof brian cox to take the show onwards with a modern touch, or perhaps another programme with a presenter i can understand ,im not sure your views please russburslem, staffs:icon_salut:
  6. :Dyes i went to stock port bins and scopes,, having got there the big guy was more worried about he heat of the shop than any helpful advice,,,i was more enthusiastic than him,,, the sky watcher for £130 was possibly better than the heritage 130 dob,, u no the one ,, Steve phoned me with info and good words about my recent bins query,,, trust me , if u want advice use Flo,, the sky watcher on a tripod would of been better for me ,,plus its recommended by the SKY AY NIGHT,I'm guessing they know there stuff Helios 10 x 50 bins for £75.. YER I PAYED THAT OFF THEM sound like a salesman for stevie's FLO I SAY FLO ARE BETTER PRICED WITH HONEST ADVICE,, ANY CHANCE OF BUYING SHARES THERE STEVEY BOY LOL plus i cant understand what Patrick Moore says,, , shh its not ageism at all ,, Brian cox please take to the stage
  7. nice one mate,,,yer stoke on trent what can i say pal,, u a member of the north staffs astronomy society ..go search it and join pal,ill be going the next meeting on march 1st i think ,,,catch u there pal
  8. ok thanks, yes home to moorcroft , but royal doulton aint there anymore ,, somewhere in indoneisa that place lol, so dont buy it ok lol
  9. ty i shall aint seen much through me scope ,, well the moon, that was ok , want to get out and see jupiter be honest,,but the 15 x 70 binocs might be better for me ,, easier to use lol
  10. hi there , i have just posted and joined on ere ,, its interesting ,i was recommended the skywather heritage 130,,well for the price anyway lol just want me binocs now to arrive welcome to u and welcome to me,,, russ staffs
  11. how is everybody , the recent programmes by Brian cox got me started,i have only a beginners scope a heritage sky watcher 130,, Ive just ordered some 15 x 70 binos some celestron sky master ones,, i ordered them from first light optics on the 5h Feb ,Saturday last,,, still not got them yet, but u lot all say they are good , so i guess they are just busy ..i leave my number but they never phone me back anyway I'm sure they will arrive tomorrow or:headbang: this Saturday loll all the best ,i cant wait to see some stuff through me telescope , i will have to leave it a hour before i look catch u all later Russ ,stoke on Trent:icon_salut:
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