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  1. Great image!!! Wish I could capture images as good as that. Pete
  2. Wow, a super photo indeed. It never crossed my mind to take two sets of images (one of the moons and one of the planet) and then combine the two together. Did you combine them in Photoshop? Thanks for sharing Pete
  3. Happened again last night again. Clear evening but come 10.30 was felling really tired and couldn't keep my eyes open so retired to bed. Perhaps that is what I need ... a summer house with a sofa How do people manage during the summer months? I guess it is like everything, have to get acclimatised to staying up late. Pete
  4. Wow, super image. Fantastic. I really must get out doors and image Saturn ... but when it gets to about 11pm I'm dog tired and ready for bed. Perhaps I should have an extra coffee or three ... or set up my scope when it is light then I can just nip out for a quickie. Pete
  5. I thought it was all due to angular momentum rather than gravity, although gravity plays apart by preventing the planets spinning away from the very massive sun. Could be wrong of course. Pete
  6. I've recently acquired an ASI120MC and am still in 'learning mode' so your tips come at a great time for me, many thanks. Pete
  7. Hi Nigel, Thanks for your very informative post Another point to add to your "make sure the mount is level" part ... ensure that the lever or catch on the extendible legs is fully closed to lock the legs in their extended position. I had a situation recently when I didn't follow this simple rule. One of the tri-pod legs started to shrink in size throwing the entire set up out of kilter. For a moment I thought the leg was going under ground until I realised what was wrong. Pete
  8. I have the same problem with my ASI120 camera when imaging Saturn ... unable to see Saturn after fitting a Barlow. I'll try the suggestions too. Many thanks. Pete
  9. Thanks for your comments Ronin. With the Jupiter images I just stacked all the frames (I'm still a beginner when it comes down to processing). Do you have to manually pick the best frames in Registax or is there an automated way? Cheers Pete
  10. Hi everyone, A few nights ago I managed to get outdoors to try out my new astro camera ... ZWO ASI120MC together with Firecapture software. Never used this set up before so first results were ... hmmmm ... which is most probably down to user inexperience. Therefore I'm after lots of comments and hints & tips to help me get the best out of the new camera. I've included the camera settings as well. First shot is a moon photo. Why is there a 'split' along the right hand side? I was using ROI setting when in capture mode. FireCapture v2.3 Settings------------------------------------Camera=ZWO ASI120MCFilter=LProfile=MoonFilename=205815.aviDate=250315Start=205815.671Mid=205831.202End=205846.734Duration=31.063sDate_format=ddMMyyTime_format=HHmmssLT=UTFrames captured=1180File type=AVIExtended AVI mode=trueCompressed AVI=falseBinning=noROI=640x480FPS (avg.)=37Shutter=26.07msGain=14AutoExposure=offWBlue=100WRed=46Gamma=55USBTraffic=80Brightness=0Histogramm(min)=0Histogramm(max)=255Histogramm=100%Noise(avg.deviation)=20.45Limit=noneSensor temperature=12.9 °C / 55.1 °FThe next shot is Jupiter ... again I've included the settings below in the hope that someone with more experience can point me in the right direction. The original was very small and this is an enlargement. It's in B&W ... yet it is a colour camera. I must have forgotten to switch something on FireCapture v2.3 Settings------------------------------------Camera=ZWO ASI120MCFilter=LProfile=JupiterDiameter=42.12"Magnitude=-2.37CMI=266.7° CMII=282.1° CMIII=205.9° (during mid of capture)FocalLength=960mmResolution=0.80"Filename=211145.aviDate=250315Start=211145.437Mid=211216.015End=211246.593Duration=61.156sDate_format=ddMMyyTime_format=HHmmssLT=UTFrames captured=3972File type=AVIExtended AVI mode=trueCompressed AVI=falseBinning=noROI=120x128FPS (avg.)=64Shutter=15.38msGain=4AutoExposure=offWBlue=100WRed=46Gamma=29USBTraffic=80Brightness=15Histogramm(min)=6Histogramm(max)=194Histogramm=76%Noise(avg.deviation)=13.07Limit=noneSensor temperature=11.4 °C / 52.6 °F
  11. Another twist on the SW auto-focus theme ... I busted mine again last night. The wires that connect the battery lead to the circuit board are so flimsy that any heavy handedness changing the battery can dislodge one or both wires from the circuit board ... which is what happened to me last night. I think it is a combination of a very tight battery compartment and flimsy wires. This is the second time this fault has happened. I don't know why a small clamp can't be used to hold the wires firmly on the circuit board as the glue that is used isn't up to the trick. I feel a bit of soldering and fixing coming on ... again Pete
  12. I knew I had forgotten something ... here are my photos posted in the Imaging - Solar section http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/239592-partial-eclipse-from-sunny-lincolnshire-20-march/
  13. Wow .... what a fantastic experience. Awesome images. Thanks for sharing. Pete
  14. Thanks David, I used the bucket of water trick for the 1999 eclipse ... and used a bucket water today. I'm quite chuffed how well the binos worked Pete
  15. Thank you I did try to take a photo of the eclipse refection in a bucket of water but it didn't work out. Pete
  16. Here are some photos taken during this mornings partial eclipse. It was a lovely day to witness a Cosmic Coincidence Pete
  17. Hi Jake, Many thanks for your reply. First Rule ... am trying to get out as much as possible but other things (e.g. work, family, clouds) get in the way Second Rule ... never collimated my scope ...... sorry ... dreading it actually I've got a copy of Astrobabe's guide ... just need to be brave. Third rule ... I've got a x3 Barlow so will try that. Could I also use an extension tube and x2 Barlow? Forth rule ... I think the max frame rate I can capture is 10FPS using the web cam and SharpCap. I have thought about getting a new planetary camera ... but can't decide which one to get. Fifth rule ... couldn't agree more Thanks very much for the R6 wavelets tip ... I'll give that a go. Cheers Pete
  18. Hi everyone, Finally managed to post this new image of Jupiter that I took last weekend. A little thing called ... work ... got in the way. I've also included the settings I used in SharpCap (see below). I took a 2 minute video and processed the image in RegiStax (I've included the Wavelets settings as well) Please have a look and make some suggestions on how to improve the image I'm still learning how to do this Many thanks Pete [Philips SPC 900NC PC Camera]Frame Divisor=1Resolution=640x480Frame Rate (fps)=10.00Colour Space / Compression=YUY2Exposure=-10Brightness=127Contrast=49Saturation=-19Gamma=10ColorEnable=255BacklightCompensation=0Gain=30
  19. Hi Paul, I'm interested in the Variable Polarising filter. They may just be the ticket for me as I suffer from intense ball of white light in eye piece ... otherwise know as Jupiter. Do you mind me asking where you got yours from? Thanks Pete
  20. Yep ... I know the feeling Bad astigmatism in my right eye (which is the one I naturally use looking through a scope or microscope). I can never seem to get it right ... I go without my specs and try to use my left eye (which is short sighted) but it just doesn't feel 'natural'. I wear my specs again and still not comfortable When I do get things into focus, like Jupiter, the light is so bright that my eye tends to mists over after a few seconds ... it's just no fun Oh to have perfect vision ... or eat lots of carrots. Pete
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