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  1. Yeah, really chuffed with this little beauty ... Ok, it's not as fantastic as the Saturn photos shown here but I'm very pleased with the first attempt. (SW 150PL, ca. 600 frames stacked in Registax) Pete
  2. Fantastic image!! I really must have a go at making a large moon mosaic. Pete
  3. Great image Mark. I too had a go at imaging Plato the other day (image also on the forum). I think your image is much sharper than mine. Pete
  4. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I should have added that my eyes are pretty bad ... right eye really short sighted with some astigmatism, left eye long sighted with bad astigmatism. I'm naturally right eyed. Merlin66 - not really with stars. I think it is just the brightness of the planet that is compounding the problem. I can get a good focus if I take my specs off and use my right eye for observing. Steep - thanks for the link. Is this just a US company? We have SpecSavers over here which I could to get another cheap pair. David - thanks for your link too. Interesting reading. Cheers Pete
  5. Hi everyone, Bit of a cryptic title I know ... but I really need some help about my eyes. I normally wear vari-focal specs but don't use them when observing. When I'm looking at a planet, say Saturn, though a 10mm eye piece all I see is a bright white semi-fuzzy ball even when it is in focus (same with other planets actually). After just a few moments, my right eye goes sort of blurred and I have to stop observing for a while. It's almost like a burning sensation. The eye returns to normal and then I can look again. This is beginning to get me down and I was wondering what might be the cause ... and if there is a solution. Would an EP with greater eye relief be a better choice for me? Should I get some extra specs with fixed (long distance) focus? I currently have SW supplied EPs and a Vixen 10mm EP on my SW 150PL. Many thanks. Pete
  6. Thanks very much for your suggestions. I'll try the next time the sky is clear. JKB - great image. When I use my scope, all I see is a bright white fuzzy ball with rings. Don't see any surface details at all. What sort of settings (gain, exposure etc) did you use in your web cam? Cheers Pete
  7. Hi everyone, Last night I tried (albeit very unsuccessfully) to capture Saturn using a webcam on my 6 inch SW 150PL. I could center (more-or-less) Saturn in the view finder using a 10mm EP but then when I swapped the EP for the web cam I couldn't see Saturn at all on the screen. I ended up putting the EP back in, trying to re-center the view and trying again ... several times but to no avail I am using a motorized RA axis but I'm still learning how to use all the controls. Would increasing the speed to x4 etc help to 'find' Saturn on the screen? What sort of settings do people use to capture Saturn using a web cam? Are there any other tips that anyone could suggest. Many thanks for your help Pete
  8. Great images. Well done. Pete
  9. Hi everyone, Had a lovely mooning session last night ... and then I got the telescope out I decided to focus my efforts on Plato. This image is hot of the press this morning (ca 30 seconds video, x2 Barlow, Registax default processing all frames). It was the first time I used the SW auto-focuser gadget. It certainly does help to reduce the wobble when focusing especially at high magnifications. Any suggestions on how to improve the image? Thanks. Pete
  10. Thanks for the link. Excellent resource. Pete
  11. I hope this is the right place to post this question ... I've always wondered how astronomers can work out the size of craters on the moon. Thanks Pete
  12. Just found out the name of the crater ... Copernicus Pete
  13. The dual axis control only took about 5 minutes to fix to the mount. I had it on all the time so didn't really do a proper on vs off test. For that high mag video (of the two craters using the x2 Barlow) the crater was in that position for over 40 seconds (duration of the video). Without the motor I think it would have been impossible to keep the crater in the FOV. Pete
  14. A lovely evening to try out my latest toy ... a dual axis motor for my SW 150PL. I only attached the RA motor this evening. The results ... very impressive. I took quite a few videos of about 30-40 seconds duration and at different magnifications and each view didn't move at all!! Here are three photos which I took this evening. The first photo is my first ever merged view using iMerge. Just two images were involved, just to get the hang of things. I did have a third image in this merged view but it had different exposure settings ... so I deleted the image (note to self ... don't change the exposure settings when taking videos to be used in iMerge). The second photo is a real close up of the crater with the double central peaks (could anyone tell me the name of this crater ... thanks). For this photo I used a x2 Barlow along with the webcam, equivalent to a x3 eyepiece. Without the RA motor, I couldn't have taken the video. Finally, the last photo is just a general mood scape view. Very nice too. Still learning ... Pete
  15. Hi Will, Great photo!!! Well done. Like you, I'm just starting to take webcam photos of the moon. I remember reading somewhere that a web cam is equivalent to a 6mm EP which probably explains why the image becomes so big. Cheers Pete
  16. Hi everyone, I'm not having much luck with my Skywatcher auto-focus gadget. Bought it well over a year ago and tried to fix it on my scope again tonight. I had the black flexible shaft coupler so tight on the larger sliver mount (not the motor spindle) that when I tried to take it off, the coupler split into two parts (I had removed all the grub screws before hand). ARGH ... Is it possible to get a spare flexible shaft coupler for a SW auto-focus? I could try to glue it back together again. If all else fails, would some sort of tubing (e.g. brass) work instead? Yours ... very frustrated Pete
  17. Thank you everyone. It's great to be here. Pete
  18. Hi everyone, This is my first ever moon shot taken using a Philips 880 flashed web cam (with moon filter) on top of a Skywatcher 150PL. The AVI video was processed in Registax 5. Pretty pleased for the first attempt. Pete
  19. After lurking around in the wings for ages and ages, I've finally gotten round to registering ... Hello Everyone!! A bit about me ... my real name is Pete and I'm slowly getting back in this hobby after a hiatus of almost a year or two. I'm currently interested in astro-photography. I've recently bought a web cam (a Philips 880 which I've subsequently flashed to 900) that I'm using to take photos, mainly of the moon to begin with ... see the example below. Once I get the hang of it I'll progress to planets and stuff. I only have one scope, an older (blue body) Skywatcher 150PL with R+P focusing. It doesn't get used as much as I would like ... I'm a sort of casual star gazer. I've recently bought a dual axis motor for the mount that I'm hoping to fit soon. Also got a SW auto focus but that does seem to work with the R+P focus for some reason (when connected, the motor doesn't have enough grunt to move the draw tube ... sorry ... slight diversion there ... back to introductions). Hello everyone again, nice to meet you all. Pete
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