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  1. Great buy, dobs are fantastic. Enjoy!!
  2. I would rather hope it ends up a straight conversion of the Canadian dollar price, which would bring it in at £636, not very likely I know. Comparing the Canadian dollar price of the Esprit 120 to UK it works out cheaper than a straight conversion e.g. straight conversion of $3999 Canadian = £2548 but the FLO price is £2095, with the 150 coming in £200 below the conversion without the flattener. I suspect that if we all wish for it to be £999 then it won't be any less even if it could be.
  3. Mine (V3 handset from NEQ6) takes it as degrees and minutes and not decimal as you have put it. You can't type in what you have typed above.
  4. Sounds like me and the wrong battery type scenario as I had similar issues once the original set ran out and and I replaced them, mine would work for a few minutes after the batteries had gone in but then go on the fritz. Open the cover and close again and it started working again. I thought I had a dodgy connection but it was because each time I opened the cover I let some air in which is what the "cheap" batteries needed to work. Now using decent branded 392 type batteries and have had the same set in for at keast a year.
  5. Some of the batteries that are the correct size/type but different materials need air to work. Mine drove me mad until I realised that the lack of oxygen was killing the battery. Purchase of the exact correct replacement , rather than a supposed equivalent cured the issue.
  6. Widescreen centre have it listed as in stock at £899, though they list a gt81 rather than gtf81 http://www.widescree...s_GT81-DDG.html
  7. Good advice, I think others on here have taken the 1.25 inch adapter out and then put a 2 inch ep straight in the hole rather than putting the 2 " adapter in first.
  8. If it is the secondary you are seeing then you are well out of focus. What other equipment were you using e.g. eyepiece/barlow?
  9. I suppose I was thinking that many people get excellent results with the likes of the Skywatcher Equinox 80 @circa £520, though as you point out this is plus flattener which brings it to more like £700. Then you start mucking about with the focuser e.t.c e.t.c. Having recently pushed the button on a 400mm L series Canon prime lens I totally understand the "spend the money and stop trying to fix the inadequate equipment" argument. Nice to have something that just works and you can get on with enjoying it, spent 3 hours birding with this lens today and had a great time and didn't even consider t
  10. My raw images come in around 25-28 mb on an 18 megapixel camera so if you were on 3 minute subs that would 560meg an hour. Shorter subs don't take up any less space and you could take more in an hour. I use a 32mb as they are huge and very reasonably priced, I think I paid areound £20-25. Not sure what I would have to do to fill it up in one night. Get the highest speed rating you can afford as this affects the save time quite dramatically.
  11. It looks to be a beautiful thing, would you consider it to be value for money? Would love to own one but nearly £900 seems a lot for such a small scope.
  12. I remember seeing that once, a long time ago. Clouds for weeks here. Nice image. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. What eyepiece are you using? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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