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  1. Just about to take the plunge on DSO imaging system. CCD, OAG, FW. have decided on Sony 694 CCD. Should i go with ATIK or Starlight Xpress? Is there merit in buying all from the same brand? One factor that may be important is Mac compatibility. I am bilingual but we are predominantly a Mac household and I have a spare Macbook. Plan to use nebulosity. From the posts I have reviewed, people seem happy with whatever they have bought so I am tilting towards SX as they are based not far from Maidenhead but would prefer to decide on the basis of technology! Glyn
  2. I have the same problem. Hope someone comes up with a solution. Glyn
  3. I have had the Hiper 80 for over a year now and am very happy with it. OS were talking about a new 80 APO. I got mine from Widescreen Centre you could give Simon a call. Nice problem to have Good luck Glyn
  4. Too late now. Just bought a NEX-5N. The slippery slope.
  5. Thinking about getting a NEX-5N for general use. Good to see some astro opportunity too. Thanks for the link. Looking forward to reading your experiences and learning how to use the NEX in anger. Have you got a T mont adapter? Glyn
  6. Thanks. There seems to have been a Philips one a few years ago but I can't find one for sale now (not tried eBay yet)
  7. I would like to get a moon globe. There are two available on Amazon. Has anyone got an MG and if so what do you think of it? I know the Internet or iPhone apps have advantages but I like 3d and tactile. Glyn
  8. Well done callisto. That's a lot of help an advice. This is my 64th. Glyn
  9. I have just bought an Orion Optics Europa 250mm newt from Kennymid1. It's a nice scope and I'm pleased with it. I plan to keep it in my garage separate from the mount (an EQ6 pro). Can I store it vertically on a shelf? (with a rope to stop it falling off). If so should it be mirror up or mirror down? Mirror up has the advantage of dust can't fall on the primary and there is no pressure on the collimation screws. Mirror down has the advantage of the centre of gravity being closer to the shelf so making it more stable. Is it better to store it horizontal? This is more of a problem in my packed garage. Glyn
  10. I think there is a review of the 618 in this months Astronomy Now. I only "think" cos I was browsing in Smiths and didn't buy it. As I recall, it's the first astro cam with this particular chip and the reviewer liked it. Doesn't help in comparison with the 04. Glyn
  11. Great images. How do you like your 245mm Orion? Glyn
  12. Thanks Gordon. Good advice about the OAG. Glyn
  13. There have been hints of new mounts for a while. They should be field testing but I guess those who have seen the new mounts are under confidentiality agreements. Let's hope there are some improvements and that they are bug free :-)
  14. Per, great first light review. Thanks for such a detailed post. Nice to hear about mac compatibility. Keep us posted as you get more experience. Nice image too. Glyn
  15. Thanks, I was waiting for someone to respond. I though you weren't supposed to answer your own question ;-)
  16. Looking forward to hearing from Francis on his ATIK and perfrej on his SBIG. great time to get some new kit. Glyn
  17. Its a nice image. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  18. Well, I hope you have more time to work on it. However as you seem to be quite close to where I live in Maidenhead, I don't want to wish cloudy skies on you! Glyn
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