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  1. I know what you mean. I took the plunge the other day and had a crack at collimating my newt for the first time. Took a little while but I got there in the end. Now I have done it once the next time should be easier. I hope
  2. I have seen some stunning pictures on here from people using the skywatcher 190mn
  3. Stunning picture. Makes me think there is hope for me yet
  4. I have a baader sky surfer v which I like Have read many reviews of the telrad would it be an upgrade if I got one or are they similar rdf ?
  5. Thank you all for the input. I have also been looking at the baader Hyperion 17mm as with the fine tuning rings and a Barlow it would give me a wide range of lengths
  6. I'm new to the whole telescope thing have always loved the subject but never had any equipment until now My question is I have a Baader Hyperion 5mm and a celestron ultima barlow. And I'm looking to replace the stock plossl I got with the scope 10mm + 17mm Was thinking of getting a tv15 and a tv32 mm plossl as they are on sale at the mo Anyone got any thoughts. I picked them as I thought with the Barlow those 2 would give me a good range Scope is a f/5 reflector
  7. anyone give me some advice i have a baader hyperion 5mm eyepiece and i would like to replace the stock plossl that came with my scope they are 10mm and 17mm the televue sale seems very tempting which 2 televue plossl do people think would be good to get ? i also have a celestron ultima barlow scope is a f/5 newt
  8. yes you can get an adapter that fit directly onto the eyepiece its around £8 i think avalible at FLO
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