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  1. Had this a few times with my old efw1 and it was as simple as restarting laptop with it already connect via usb, then all was good

    Of course you might have already tried that [emoji6]

  2. Winter Project


    23 x Lum 5 mins

    4 x Red 5 mins

    4 x Green 5 mins

    4 Blue 5 mins

    + a few short ones for the core

    This is 2 nights worth of data so far. Sadly night 2 was cut short by patchy cloud so i'm very short of colour data, still very much a work in progress and i haven't spent as much time as normal processing the data so it might be a little rough around the edges


    I'd like to get another 3 good nights on this but with the UK weather the plan might have to change

    full res image can be seen here http://tokolosheastro.weebly.com/images.html


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  3. Hello all

    Its been a long time since i posted an image mainly due to bad weather and the short summer nights i've also been through some kit changes so this is first light for quite a few bits of equipment

    So this is what i've managed to grab whilst having a week off work and a run of clear nights

    Cederblad 214 in Cepheus

    4 hrs H-Alpha 600 sec subs

    4 hrs RGB 360 sec subs

    80mm Lomo

    Atik 460 (new)

    SX filterwheel (new)

    Lakeside Stepper Motor (new)

    Astrodon Ha 3nm (new)

    Baader RGB

    Start to finish processed in Pixinsight

    14740509922_eff098049e_c.jpgCed_214_HaRGB_V1 by Jake Cannon (www.tokolosheastro.weebly.com), on Flickr

    IC1396 in Cepheus this is the start of my next image, RGB will be added soon hopefully

    4 hrs H-Alpha 600 sec subs

    80mm Lomo

    Atik 460 (new)

    SX filterwheel (new)

    Lakeside Stepper Motor (new)

    Astrodon Ha 3nm

    14553798988_80e92ca48d_c.jpgIC1396 by Jake Cannon (www.tokolosheastro.weebly.com), on Flickr

    crop on the trunk

    14760296803_67e1603aa0_c.jpgIC1396_Crop by Jake Cannon (www.tokolosheastro.weebly.com), on Flickr

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  4. A little update. I've heard back from David at hitecastro as he requested I send him an image of my lakeside motor cables, when he made my custom cable he used a lakeside motor that he had to make my cable but having seen the image of my motor he has told me that the wires on my motor are different to his so this is why my cable doesn't work

    He is sending me a new cable so fingers crossed this will solve the issue. Once it arrives I will update the thread

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  5. Should be OK then. I've used a Lakeside focus motor with the Mount Hub Pro so I know the combination will work together. I used a homemade cable that connected each pin in the plug to the same pin in the socket ends of the cable. You could also use a 9 pin serial cable extension lead from Maplins but make sure it's not a crossover cable. The cable will need a male plug on one end and a female socket on the other.

    Regards, AlanP

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

    How do I know if it's a crossover or not they all look the same to me
  6. Had a quick look at the Lakeside website and it looks like this unit is intended to be controlled directly from a PC using Ascom driver or via the supplied hand-controller, not plugged into another device like the Hitecastro hub.

    I suppose you could connect it up if you cut the cables to the stepper motor and directly connected it to the Hitecastro hub. You would need to ensure the stepper was the correct type for the hub to be able to control (Unipolar 5 or 6 wire according to their manual).

    Hope that helps.

    The lakeside motors do work with the mount hub I've had it confirmed by a couple of people including the gentleman that posted above you. Maybe I have a faulty cable
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