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  1. Quick update, I haven't resolved the issue with SX filter wheel driver and Maxim, but changed to an ASCOM driver and working again. I'd still like to resolve the issue with the native SX driver, but happy to have it all working.
  2. Just thought I'd throw it out there. Just posted the same question with more detail on the Diffraction (MaximDL) support forum, but since I updated Windows 10 yesterday, I can't connect to my SX Filter Wheel via Maxim DL, although admittedly it still works through the SKY X or the dedicated SX Filter Wheel program? I receive an error message saying cannot initialize Filter Wheel. If anyone else is having a similar issue please let me know, thanks
  3. Just to add to the discussion, for the second Obs I built, I also went for an EPDM solution covering an OSB3 roof. It's worked great for 3 years now, and I actually like the look of it as well. I also considered marine ply, but given the EPDM is waterproof, I think that would have been overkill. Installation was easy, just make sure you have enough to wrap around edges sufficiently.
  4. After using the HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro v3 (MHP) happily for several years, I came across the new v4 device at Astrofest a month ago. Whilst v3 has served me well, there were a few things I wanted which weren't available in this model. More USB ports, less power ports, a smaller casing which would fit beneath the front of the versa plate on my mount, and a small detachable power lead which I could run via the through the mount cabling which is part of the Paramount MX+. On seeing the small form factor of the v4 device, the extra USB ports, ample power ports, detachable head for the power lead, RCA sockets for my dew heaters, focus connection for my second Lakeside, and the temperature probe, the wallet couldn't be kept closed. I purchased from David Jackson, who said I'd receive the device 10 days later, as this was their first batch of the devices. As promised, exactly 10 days later the device arrived, and was quickly attached to the scope. Everything worked perfectly, although there was 1 issue I had, but as I explained to David, it was most likely me being 'daft'. David's support was brilliant, I honestly can't say enough about it, and yes I was being daft as a toilet brush, but David was kind enough to promise not to mention it to anyone. The device is very well built, has ample USB ports (6), Power sockets and supplied cables (4), RCA connections (3), a focus adapter for a stepper or dc focuser and the temperature probe. The mains power lead and supplied USB cable were the right length to reach my PC and bench power supply, and threaded through the Paramount MX mount effortlessly. The device came with 2 brackets for attachment purposes, which very happily allowed me to attached the device to the underneath of the front of my Versa plate on the PMX+. This really helps reduce the clutter of leads, and helps prevent any drag or potential catastrophes which can occur when leads are left dangling. The GUI is awesome, it is still undergoing some enhancements, and on talking to David, it sounds like a number of releases are planned over the rest of the year. The software has much of the functionality I previously wanted, and looks very cool. I must say that it looks like a lot of thought and effort has been put into designing and producing this device, and HitecAstro have listened to previous user feedback and incorporated these requests in the new device. I'm very pleased with my recent purchase, and whilst not cheap, the device in my mind is well worth the money.
  5. I've removed internet access from my Observatory PC, however left it on the internal network so I can still access it from the comfort of my sofa! I'm not sure all routers have this functionality, Linksys has, and is regularly used much to my daughters annoyance when I need her to get off social media for 5 minutes.
  6. Thank you very much, as soon as the clouds clear I’ll give it a go!
  7. Hi all, A while ago I moved from using a guide scope to a SX Lodestar connected via the SX OAG attached to the SX Filter wheel. I've never really managed to achieve a decent image via the OAG, and was wondering if there was something obvious which causes the image attached. Last night I again tried moving the prism up and down the imaging chain, putting it down just before the prism starts interfering with the main image, and then moving the Lodestar to the correct focusing position. However I'm always plagued with the image attached, obscuring much of the view. Typically there's a large bright smudge across the right hand side of the image which obscures stars. Any advice appreciated, and apologies if I'm doing something daft. For reference I use a 3 second exposure (have also tried 1s, 2s, and 5s), and guide with MaximDL. The imaging chain is AA 250 TT scope, extension tubes, focuser, OAG, Filter Wheel, ATIK 383, and this does not impact my main image. thank you Julian
  8. So finally had both clear skies and time last night to open the observatory, and nothing worked! Focus max wouldn’t communicate with MaximDL, The SkyX would communicate with MaximDL, and all sorts of other weird and wonderful issues appeared. Gave up trying to resolve at 01:00am, and this morning just saw this on the FocusMax support forum, which will explain to others in the same predicament! “Windows Update Alert! Recent Windows update January 3, 2018—KB4056892 appears to have broken ability for COM interface between TheSkyX and MaxIm (perhaps others). When FocusMax attempts to connect to: 1) MaxIm you may receive the message ‘Stopping MaxIm version must be 5 or greater’ which indicates COM issue. 2) TheSkyX you may see the message ‘TheSkyX was selected, but it does not appear to be installed of configured for scripting.’ To determine current installed Windows 10 version: 1) In the ‘Type here to search’ box type ‘Check for windows update’ 2) Click on ‘View installed updates history’ 3) Click under Quality Updates, 2018-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1709 KB4056892) to view update contents 4) Click on Uninstall updates 5) Scroll down to ‘Microsoft Windows’ and select ‘Security updates for Microsoft Windows (KB4056892)’. Right click and Uninstall 6) What for the uninstall to complete and reboot the PC - this will take some time with several automatic reboots seen The above may set Windows updates to automatic! To turn off automatic Windows update: 1) In the ‘Type here to search’ box type ‘Services’ 2) Scroll down to ‘Windows Update, Double click, then set ‘Startup type:’ = manual Steve Brady” thank you Steve, saved me many more hours trying to find the cause. Windows update was one of my suspects, but oddly I can’t roll back to a previous restore point for some reason I don’t know either. long live Linux!
  9. This is probably the filter, when I opened up my 383 I found what looked like a small, round piece of cotton wool, but I think the filter had just soaked up a lot of condensation.
  10. Thanks again Ray, have the MHP pro as well, but I must admit, the Pegasus device is making me ponder my next purchase!
  11. Thank you Ray, that was the other option I was looking at. It looks like it does everything I need it to and definitely the right price when compared to the Lindy!
  12. Hi all, I was just wondering what devices people use for managing power to the devices in their observatories. I use my obs in a semi-remote setup, and have until recently been successfully using an AVIOSYS 9858 for switching mounts and cameras on and off, as well as for rebooting the Obs PC if it ever froze. After 14 months of no issues the AVIOSYS is now becoming unreliable and dropping the LAN connection, hence basically rendering it useless. I know Lindy have a 8 plug model for £300 (ouch), and MSNSwitch have a 2 plug one for £100 (similar in cost to the AVIOSYS), but just wondering if others new of any further options? I've also tried the Aviosys 8800 USB model, but that needs the PC to be working, so again fail sin the event the PC freezes. thanks
  13. I use the latest Raspbian, not real reason to be honest, just was top of the list when I ran MOOPS.
  14. it's genuinely very easy, but of course it also depends on how complicated you want to make it. As a starting point I just butchered the apache server HTML default page that's installed when you load apache server onto the Pi, to use as a home page. The javascript was 'borrowed' from another forum, this updates the image every 3 minutes, and then used convert to change the image from a TIFF to a JPG and add a timestamp. You can see the code by viewing 'source', on my excuse of a website above. When time permits I'll look at doing something decent, but to be honest I just wanted to see if the sky was clear without getting off the sofa! The camera is sitting outdoors now, in it's soil pipe housing, but not really producing any decent images in daytime (only put it out yesterday, so will tinker more). However, the images were pretty good last night when the sky was dark and the stars were out. Next step is to either get the camera producing decent images in daytime, or having it set to image only at night. Will work on the former and revert to the latter when I've given up!
  15. This is brilliant, I've been toying with the idea of adding a motor to the roof for some time, but hadn't found a solution that got me over the start line. Ordered the controller already!
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