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  1. I have nothing to back this up but I believe there's a fair chance those all contain the same glass?
  2. Cheers Shane, I hadn't seen that listing.
  3. Lovely collection you have there Shane. I noticed one of the original smoothside 7mm T1's on EBay the other day and must admit was very tempted! (Still am if I'm honest) I'm not sure if the asking price is a bit high though? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121573864716
  4. Hi Mark. The eyepieces on the Apollo are not removable, the filters are fitted on the top, above the eye lens. I've used mine with a single O-lll to view the Veil with good success. It does obviously decrease the available eye relief, but with the eyecups rolled down, definitely useable. I'll eventually get round to getting a matching one for the other side as I think they would be great with the 20x110 (bigger eye relief). The 15x70 Apollo is great by the way, you won't be disappointed!
  5. I mostly use mine with a P-mount and 15x70 binocular Alan, really solid and sturdy. It's a little on the heavy side but it's a small price to pay for the stability.
  6. The Horizon 8115 tripod mentioned above is pretty decent for the cost, the head not so much! I use this one, and although over budget is a superb piece of kit..... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Manfrotto-475B-Digital-Pro-Tripod/dp/B000A2JU7M
  7. With this statement in mind & meaning no disrespect to the equipment in your signature, for "serious" planetary observation, I'd look into adding a more specialised scope first. A nice 5" apo refractor or 6" reflector with excellent opics for example?
  8. Fabulous report John on what clearly are a very good range of eyepieces, thanks very much for all your efforts! I must admit I am very tempted to jump in and buy the 20mm. Having sold both my 21 & 13 Ethos (to fund another project!), these could be a alternate route back into hyper sides without breaking the bank (and divorce!). The fact that you could barely distinguish between the two is high praise indeed, I know how good that 21 Ethos is!
  9. The quality is pretty decent Steve, the same pick & pluck fare used in their cheaper standard flight cases. This young feller does a pretty decent job of reviewing it.....
  10. My 10x50 & 15x70 live side by side in one of these....... http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/large-high-impact-case-with-pre-cut-foam-interior-n14gr The quality is superb for the price. My 20x110 lives in a cubby above the fridge until such times as I get a suitable case (blummin' thing is almost 2' long!)
  11. Fantastic work Roel, truly lovely!
  12. Nice purchase Denis, congratulations!
  13. Nice review Alistair, some very useful info for prospective buyers, thanks for sharing.
  14. I was out last night in excellent conditions with both the 15x70 & the 20x110 (both mounted) and had a real good go at this. Conditions were as good as I've seen for some time, but try as I might, still could only manage 3 with the 15x70. With the 20x110 I could separate all four elements, but still not what I'd call easy! I think 20x is definitely my limit.
  15. Also had my first view last night, nice and bright in the 15x70. I'm looking forward to viewing it with the 20x110 when the wind settles.
  16. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on these John, very nice looking eyepieces.
  17. Yep, great choice, you will not be disappointed!
  18. What about the Quantum 4...... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/helios/helios-quantum-4-binoculars.html
  19. Its a shame the Universal Astronomics offerings are insanely expensive this side of the pond, £376 for the Unimount Light from the sole UK supplier! I imported one of these a couple of years back and it would be perfect for your 20x80. However, as you're not totally convinced a P-mount is for you, something like this might be an alternative to the Technosky. While it won't offer the flexability of a Paralellogram mount, it should provide a very stable platform for your 20x80..... http://www.365astronomy.com/365Astronomy-Giant-Alt-Azimuth-Binocular-Mount-Head-ONLY.html
  20. Thanks for the heads up Nick, just placed an order for it.
  21. Pepe I've used a setup similar to yours (Manfrotto 028/502ah) with my 20x110 & although it worked ok up to a point, realistically the 17lb binocular was too much for the set up. To get the best from an instrument of this size, a parallelogram mount is by far the best mounting solution. The binocular is counterbalanced & suspended in mid air, away from the tripod legs. Unfortunately the suitable commercially available examples are quite expensive, as much if not more than the cost of the binocular! Another, and a lot less expensive option, is to have a go at building your own. This is what I did and have not looked back since.
  22. Nice addition Mark, big bins on a quality platform are a fabulous combination.
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