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  1. Yep, never looked through one of those but have read enough to know it's a truly stunning optic, enjoy! Very envious
  2. I took delivery yesterday of the new APM branded magnesium 16x70 ED binocular, and today I had a brief opportunity to compare it with my Lunt 16x70 magnesium. A small modification to my Uni-mount facilitated mounting the binoculars one on top of the other, ideal for fast switching from one to the other. Physical characteristics are all but identical so I'd conclude the only differences are in the optics. This becomes evident when switching from one to the other. The APM is just that bit brighter and more colour neutral. Chromatic aberration is evident in the Lunt under certain scenarios, although that said, it's very well controlled and far from objectionable. In comparison the APM is remarkably colour free. More to follow when the weather cooperates and I get it under the stars.
  3. Biggest problem I found with the laser pointer is that it didn't like the cold much. I tried one out on my 20x110 but after a while it refused to work until warmed up in my pocket again! Ditched it in favor of a Rigel Quickfinder.
  4. Hi Paulo I recently purchased an 8x42 Vanguard Endeavor EDll for general purpose/astronomy use and thus far have been very impressed. The fov @ 7.2° is slightly narrower than others at this price/aperture, but it is well corrected. Highly recommended. Pics here..... https://goo.gl/photos/rdnvnje4nkyB5bNd7
  5. http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=118784
  6. Slightly over budget but I'll throw it in the mix anyhoo..... http://www.bresser.de/en/By-Manufacturer/Lunt-Engineering/LUNT-ENGINEERING-Astro-and-Yachting-Binocular-10x50-FMC-Magnesium-bresser.html
  7. The only one I've looked through is the Pentax and found it very nice indeed. The updated SP version is good value I reckon.... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/pentax-binoculars/pentax-sp-50mm-wp-binoculars.html Review here..... http://binocularsky.com/binoc_reviews.php
  8. No worries, glad to be of help. Good luck with the build and I'll look forward to pics of your finished creation.
  9. Sorry this has taken so long, but here is a rough sketch with dimensions of the parts used in my build.... Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.
  10. Hi Martin Now that the seller has chimed in and hopefully cleared up any doubts you may have been having, I would say grab this before someone else does (providing it's the binocular route you wish to go down). I've used one of these on a few occasions and it's a cracking piece of kit. The one very minor issue I had with it was I found the eye relief slightly short, marginally shorter than the Helios Apollo. To be honest though, at this price, I'd quickly learn to live with it! I did indeed upgrade the Helios Apollo to the Lunt Magnesium and I'm very happy with it. It's incredibly light weight for a 70mm, yet gives up nothing in terms of build quality to either the BA8 or Fujinon.
  11. No bother mate, I'll put a pen to paper the first chance I get. The oak build sounds like a good plan, you should be able to knock one together using only hand held tools. There are lots of wooden designs online, and even plans if you do a bit of digging. Anyways, leave it with me and I'll get busy with the measuring tape
  12. Unfortunately SCS are the only UK based retailer (at least that I'm aware of) that carry Parallelogram mounts of any sort, and as such can charge whatever they like. If I remember correctly, I think a while back FLO were in talks with Larry Patriarca at Universal Astronomics about possibly carrying his product. They can't have been successful though as I've never seen anything listed on their website. Unfortunately constructing another P-mount such as this isn't as easy now. I've since changed jobs and no longer have access to some of the tools required (the pillar drill in particular). I could put together a rough sketch of the build with dimensions & the parts needed if that would be of help to you?
  13. You know I'll only offer incouragment, I love to spend other people's money
  14. Steve I picked up the Lunt at a great price (thanks to the excellent Euro/Sterling exchange rate) from here.... http://www.bresser.de/en/Sale/Display-Items/0113116.html I'll add a few more thoughts on it in a seperate thread in due course, but so far, very impressed! Ps. Your reviews are an invaluable (although potentially wallet lightening!) resourse, so please feel free to keep them coming
  15. Very nice read Steve on what is clearly a very capable instrument, thanks for posting Ps. One of your previous reviews has cost me money in the last few days, but more on that later when I've had a good old play with it
  16. Another to consider is the Baader Morpheus 6.5mm. I currently have it placed between a Delos 8mm and a 5mm Pentax XW. As far as I can see it appears to perform at a very similar level to the more expensive Televue and Pentax offerings.
  17. Very nice Stu, congrats on a fine addition.
  18. I bought it used out of pure curiosity to compare it with my 13mm Ethos. The intention was always to move it on when I had finished playing with it
  19. Very nice Michael, congrats! I've also previously owned the 14mm Delos and found it excellent.
  20. Wow, now that's a nice rig! I'm sure the views from that set-up will be nothing short of stunning, congrats!
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