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  1. AT the risk of being torn to threads here, are the Radian's really worth the 4X the cost of the TMB Planetary series? I have the 6 and 9mm TMB's and imho they are excellent. Same fov ish as the Radian, i think, and really comfortable to use. I know if i posted this over on CN i would probably be receiving death threats by now lol...
  2. I bought a musicians stool from Lidl before Christmas. Height adjustable and big comfy padded seat.
  3. I am lucky enough to have nice dark skies where i live so finding M51 not so difficult in my 8'' newt. It would probably be difficult from even slightly light polluted skies though.
  4. I was thinking of treating myself to one of these as as an early birthday gift to myself! Glad to hear you are impressed with it.
  5. Agree with all of the above when searching for galaxies and dso's, your 25mm is perfect. I would recommend upgrading your 4mm eyepiece to something a little more comfortable to use. I would recommend the TMB 6 or 9mm Planetary ep's. I find Jupiter fantastic with the 9mm and occasionally with the 6mm on nights of excellent seeing.
  6. I bought the TMB 6 and 9mm Planetary ll EP's as i also could not get along with a plossl less than 15mm. They are both excellent. Really comfortable to use and really nice sharp views.
  7. Another vote for Turn Left at Orion. Both it and the Philips Planesphere are excellent.
  8. I have the scope you are thinking of buying. Collimation is indeed easy once you perform it a few times. All you need is an empty film canister and a Cheshire eyepiece. The 200p also holds collimation really well. I have only tweaked mine once in two months. Takes less than 5 minutes .Don't let collimation fears put you off buying this scope. It's excellent.
  9. When i get the Hyperion i will do a side by side comparison with the Meade 4000 and gladly post a few notes on here. I don't intend selling the Meade until i can compare the two together. Cheers Damo
  10. Thanks for the input everyone. Gonna go with the Hyperion.
  11. I have looked at the Aero and also the Panaview but would need to add a 2" diagonal into the equation for Tal. This would take me way over budget so afraid its 1.25" EP's for the time being.
  12. Hi John, thanks for responding. I suppose the main things i am looking for are wider field of view and more eye relief. An increase in sharpness and contrast over the 4000 series meade would be an added bonus. The Japanese 4000 series i am replacing does give nice views in both scopes but i am learning that comfort at the eyepiece is an important factor also. I have also looked at the WO swan series. Basically looking for the best 1.25" wide angle EP i can get with a budget of £100. Damo
  13. I am trying to decide which of the above EP,S would be the better choice to replace a 26mm Meade 4000 series plossl. The Meade 5000 is cheaper but would stretch to the Hyperion if convinced it was worth it. It will be used in an f10 refractor and an 8'' f6 Dob. Cheers Damo
  14. Hi everyone. I recently bought myself an Antares Self Centering Adaptor for my 8'' Dob. It's a worthwhile upgrade as it does away with fumbling with screws in the dark and very easy to use. Here's my dilemma! I sold my only 2'' EP, a 30mm Revelation (GSO) Superview and replaced it with a 1''.25 GSO 32mm Plossl so as not to have to remove the Antares adaptor from the focuser. I regret selling the 2'' now as the standard Plossl although nice and sharp just lacks the wow factor of the larger EP when observing galaxies and clusters. My question is, would a Panaview 32mm be much of step up in quality from the Revelation Superview? I have read positive reviews on here about this EP and just looking for confirmation that its worth the £35-40ish extra over the Revelation EP. Cheers Damo
  15. HI Mason. I bought a used Tal 100RS after reading Astro Baby's review. It is an excellent performer imho. A neighbour who owns a SW ED100 was stunned when he looked through it. He admitted his scope was only marginally better optically at almost 3 times the price! I have no experience with the Mak but the cool down period would be too much for me. I think a lot of the time the window in the weather could be lost waiting on the beast to cool.
  16. Hi everyone, yes just to close this thread i can confirm that a replacement dew shield is on its way from Russia. I have to say that i did not hold much hope of even getting a response when i emailed Mr Elovenko but as it turned out he could not have been more helpful. As Andy states, he is a top bloke. Anyway, still waiting on a proper first light with this baby. It has done nothing but rain since the EQ5 arrived! It actually came fitted with a polar alignment scope which was a pleasant surprise. I thought this was am optional extra? Thanks for all the replies guys. Cheers Damo
  17. Hi everyone I am considering upgrading the diagonal on my Tal 100RS to a William Optics Dielectric part, the one with the carbon fibre sides. What i am wondering is will i notice much of a difference from the standard diagonal? The Tal is already pretty sharp with the standard diagonal so i guess i'm wondering would i be wasting £65! Cheers Damo
  18. Hi Stardad I also am fairly new to this hobby and like you went through a similar dilemma deciding which scope to buy as a first scope. I literally wrecked my head for months reading post after post on various forums. SGL is the best source of information out there imho. Anyway. I finally went with the Skywatcher 200p Dob. I don't have any experience with any of your listed scopes but i am sure the 150p Dob will give you and the kids the most bang for your bucks. The Skywatcher 150p can be bought for around £185 and with the 2'' Crayford focuser and excellent optics it's a bargain. There is no time wasted setting up like a scope on a EQ mount which needs polar aligning every session to be of much use. The Dob will be easy for the kids to use and learn the skies. Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth, hope it helps...
  19. Update... I have just received a response from Mr Yuri Elovnko. He stated that what i am actually looking for is the Hood. He forwarded a picture of it for me to confirm & stated that he would come back with price on February 16th. I really was not expecting a response to my email and so had ordered a flexable dew shield from Warehouse Express. I will still go ahead and buy the original as long as its not to complicated an affair. So far so good! EQ5 arrived this morning. So did the clouds!
  20. Thanks for all the replies guys. I ordered the medium dovetail from FLO earlier. I think the flexable dewshield from Warehouse Express could be the winner although the 4" drainpipe does sound a bit more robust. Might have a go at that tomorrow. I have sent an email to the factory in Russia as well to a guy called Yuri something or other. Found his email in an older reply of Andys. Not holding much hope but thought i'd give it a go anyhow. I could not wait for the EQ5 to arrive tomorrow so i came up with temporary solution(stunning clear skies over here tonight). I turned the Dob OTA upside down, wrapped some camping mat around it and strapped the Tal on top!! My wife nearly choked laughing when she came out to say goodnight. Really should have taken some pics. Anyway, not an ideal setup but it gave me an idea of what i have to look forward to with this little gem. The moon was simply stunning and i have never witnessed stars so pin sharp! Roll on tomorrow for the arrival of the EQ5. I don't think the Dob or my nerves could handle that setup again!
  21. One more thing, will i need a dovetail bar to attach the OTA to the mount? Its a new EQ5 but not sure what comes in the box. I have the tube rings for the OTA but no dovetail bar. Please forgive my newbie ignorance! Thanks Again
  22. Thanks for the replies guys. It really is a shame about the dew shield as the rest of the OTA is in excellent condition. A few hairline scratches on the objective lens but i don't think they will affect performance in any way. The previous owner swears they were there from new! Anyway, i paid him £90 as it was and i think its a bargain even without the dew shield. I bought it to compliment my 200p Dob and as i am recently new to this hobby thought i'd toy with a cheap refractor. Just waiting on my EQ5 to arrive and i'm set to go.
  23. Hi Everyone. Would anyone have any idea where i could get a replacement dew shield for the Tal 100RS. I purchased a 2nd hand OTA last weekend but it was sold without the dew shield. Apparently it fell of the end on the original owner and got broken. I know i could make something out of foam or rubber that would probably do the job but would ideally like the original or similar if possible. Thanks. PS. I hope i have posted in the correct section.
  24. Hi Jarmo Welcome to Stargazers Lounge from another new member. Hope the arm heals quickly for you.
  25. Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself onto the Forum. I am completely new to this fantastic hobby and have caught the bug in a big way. I recently bought my first scope (Skywatcher Skyliner 200p) after many months of using a fairly decent pair of 10x50 Bins. Reading posts on SGL helped me make the decision on the Dob and i have to say i love it! Anyway, thats my first of hopefully many posts on this fabulous forum......
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