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  1. Yes I have to agree, also when I am on earlies and the sky is clear, I am greeted by orion as I open my front door. Always brings a smile to my face at that time of the morning.
  2. Hello Lyndsey You need to specify a bit of a budget so people can give you some ideas. The Skywatcher range can be recommended at almost any price though, and the explorer 130 is a great starter scope Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130 If you have a bit more to spend you can go bigger in size with more bells and whistles, or bigger in size with less bells and whistles and buy a dobsonian Dobsonians - Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian one thing to mention though about your large window, this would need to be open fully so the scope has an unobstructed view of the sky, looking through a clos
  3. I have to agree with all you have written. I just do not have the time anymore to setup an eq scope, if the weather looks promising I plonk the dob outside, let it cool and then away I go.
  4. A word of warning DO NOT be too ham fisted with these. If you snap them they are a bitch to get out as they are (should be) hardened, if the screw is going to come out it will. The extractors will take some turning but you cannot hang off them. Small screws like the OP problem are fine but bigger stuff especially if it is seized can be a problem if you are not used to them. If your snapped bolts are proud get a stud extractor that grips around them if you have the space, if not or they are under flush get the stud as flat as you can, center pop and drill, then increase the drill size in small
  5. Could someone just check Rob`s site for me please, I cannot get anything to happen. I am sure it is something I am doing wrong but it all seems self explanatory. I have tried it in IE and Firefox but do not seem to get a PDF at the end. Have tried circles and linear strips. Cheers Mike.
  6. If it was me I would take the couple of weeks to save up the extra few quid for one of these Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 130PM and from this supplier as well, you will not find better in my opinion. Mike.
  7. Thanks very much for the advice, I have managed to acquire a reasonably priced 4000 series meade 32mm, so will add to that with a decent barlow at some point. I honestly didnt think I would get the use from everything in a set, so Warthog`s idea sounded good.
  8. Ladies and Gents, I could do with some eyepiece advice, I have been using the standard 10 and 25 mm skywatcher eyepices that came with my dob but I would like to upgrade. I have seen these celestron zoom eyepieces on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-Celestron-8mm-24mm-Zoom-1-25-Eyepiece-4in1-Lens_W0QQitemZ350146918983QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Telescopes?hash=item350146918983&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1300|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318 Now should I go for that or take the plunge and get something like the Revelation set from FLO http://firstlightoptics.com/proddetail.php?prod=r
  9. If you download Stellarium and set it up for your location that wil help you identify mostly anything you can see. Jupiter and Venus did look great last night it has to be said.
  10. Anyone looking at a 6SE or similar at the moment should certainly wait and take a look at the new Skywatcher 127 GOTO when it comes back in stock. Unless you really need a scope right now I cannot see any reason not to hang on, I was going to get a supatrak 127 as a travel scope instead of lugging my dob around but with the new ones just come out, and all pre sold in about an hour, I know what I am going to get next year when they are back in stock. For the money and considering they are the same parent company it seems a no brainer to me. HTH Mike.
  11. For what its worth I started on a 130PM and went to a 8 inch dob. I love the ease of the dob, I have had the 2 kids and even the wife looking at more stuff through the dob than I ever did with the 130. I just got fed up in the end with polar aligning each time i went out so that the tracking would work etc etc. I just pick up the dob plonk it anywhere in the garden and we are off. You soon get used to giving it a little nudge along it almost second nature now. Just another point of view, its not all beer and skittles starting out with an equatorial mount, the tracking is nice admittedly but it
  12. Shot these 2 images of the moon on sunday night. I took about 15 all together but these are the best, I have had to fiddle with the contrast and brightness in photoshop a bit as they were very bright. Used a panasonic lumix up against the bog standard skywatcher 25mm eyepiece, no idea of the settings. Why would the original images be so bright, would changing the camera settings help? I can post the originals if anyone would like a look at them. If I wanted to use my wifes 350d on my skywatcher dob, am I right in thinking I need a T ring for the Canon and then this will attach to the focuser
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