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  1. It is a good scope for astro photograhpy having a short focuser you will require extention tubes but I am v pleased with mine.
  2. Thank you Peonic and Merlin your help has been appreciated loade the driver for the usb to serial reloaded ascom all now working shame it's cloudy but I'm happy...Thank you........
  3. Hi Merlin, yes mount has been changed to neq6 gone back to bare bones can't get the laptop to comunicate with usb/serial no com or LPT showing will not see any drivers from ftdi. the laptop is new with win7.
  4. No drivers with eqdirect and connecting direct with usb cable. if I run tool box on eqmod I alway get runtime error as well?
  5. I have installed platform 6sp1.exe then installed eqmod,unknown usb adapter shows in device manager port#0001 #hub0005. I have tried connecting withe the hand set as you have described and also with usb eqdirect interface from rother valley. still nothing I have also removed software twice and reinstalled.
  6. Sorry merlin been away, I also bought Neq6 mount and still having the same problem no control with eqmod,snyscan control, message given is: connect error port not available.... but I have tried all ports given this is now driving me insane..
  7. EQMOD giving error message and yes win7.
  8. Hi merlin66, as you have described the set up is correct all connected. but will not control the mount keeps saying driver error. I have reloaded all software several times just curios if a separate device is required to be attached to the syncs an hand set.
  9. The ST-4 is only on the separate control box and handset, I have installed eqmod and connected to pc via a serial- usb adapter but still nothing..
  10. That is fine for the 200pds. The T adapter I use has a 2" nose and still need the ext-tube.
  11. Help....I would like to know if there is software / hardware to connect my synscan eq5 mount for auto guiding using the starlight xpress lodestar? have tried phd but won't connect:icon_scratch:
  12. Wait till you get 200pds and get a 2" Nikon T Adapter you will also require a 50mm extension tube as well with a dslr this will then focus with ease.
  13. Ok so the software has been installed. I find it very glitchy and freeze's regularly. Trying to focus is very difficult. As a novice what would be a simple control software with guiding and focusing.Any help would be appreciated. Mike.
  14. I am struggling to load software for this ccd have tried to follow all instructions but still unable to connect? any help appreciated.
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