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  1. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone can suggest a decent, reasonably priced pair of bino's for a beginner? My budget is around £80-£100. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for- specs wise. A while back I was looking at a pair of quantum 4 helios 10x60, but never went through with is due to many reasons. Any one got any suggestions? Anything you can recommend will be useful.
  2. Thanks for all you helpful words guys..it's great to know that there are experienced astronomers out there who are willing to help :smiley: I've actually got a copy of turn left at orion...but without a telescope or binos..is it much use??? I supposed I'm looking for books on the history of the sky and how our current understanding of space came about, until I get some bino's anyway
  3. Hi there fellow star gazers...hope all is well with all....I was wondering if anyone knew any good, educational Astronomy books I can buy? Names of books would be helpful, or names of authors would be just as useful...If anyone here's a bit of a bookworm like me...any suggestions will be much appreciated...Thanks guys...happy sky watching
  4. Wow guys! These pics are amazing!!! Well done all!!! : )
  5. That's an awesome pic of our moon!!!! Well done : ) -Jen
  6. Hi All, I'm looking to take a trip to Wales purely for stargazing. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on where to go to get the best views, what the best way to get there from Milton Keynes if anyone know a cost effective way of getting there as I don't drive. Any recommendations? -Jen
  7. Evening fellow stargazers!!!! Hope all is well. I am buying my first Astronomy purchase this week!!! A pair of Quantam 4, nitrogen filled Helios bins!!! Would love to hear everyones thoughts on the quality and precision of them. The way I see it, I haven't even looked through a telescope at the night sky ever, and from the advice I've been getting on this forum, I should take my time looking for the right scope before I buy one, and bins sound like the way to go. I haven't ordered them yet, so if anyones got any better suggestions then I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!!!!! -Jen
  8. Hi there fellow stargazers! Am pretty new to this. Have only been a member of this forum for just over a week, and have been getting some great advice!!!- I have loved Astronomy for waaaayyyyy over a month though ha!! Anyway, after some awesome tips I've been getting on here I have decided to start with bins. Was going to contact first light optics....checked there website out and saw some amazing looking 10*50's (which seems to be what everyone is suggesting for a first time buyer). It's just there is so many different types...the ones I saw were 'Helious'...no idea what the difference is if I'm honest, so really need a hand to make sure I get the best ones...looking to spend roughly £100 (trying to save for a scope)...any thoughts??? Message me back any time!! -Jen
  9. Thanks for all your comments!!! Will probably enquire in WHSmith!!!!! Can't wait to get reading!!!! -Jen
  10. Hi all, I need some advice. I am a bit sceptical about putting my card details in websites, and I want to subscribe/buy the Sky and Telescopes mag. Is there anywhere in the shops it can be bought? Is the website legit? Thanks, -Jen
  11. Hi all, Jen here, That's seems like an extreme amount of packaging...maybe they were trying to emphasise the fact the product is so small!! I am a bit of an amatuar and am currently in the market for a scope, so I'm am asking everyone's advice, cause I don't want to get misold a product. This is probably going to sound really silly, but what's a Planisphere??
  12. Hi there everyone, I am a bit of an amatuar as well, and am looking to invest in a scope. Someone in another forum suggested starting with bins...and that you can see the Milky Way in a certain beauty that you wouldn't get through a scope?? My heart is set on a scope, but I think, like sub dwarf, I might spend a riduculous amount of time and browsing before I find something that's right for me. To be honest, I have never even looked through a scope at the sky, and maybe if I'm going to spend time looking for a scope (I have about £200), I might as well start with bins....what do you think???
  13. Thanks a lot!!! That's a great help...are you part of the website???
  14. Hi all...was looking at the sky and telescopes webpage, and am thinking of joining up...is this websit legit???
  15. Wow!!! Everyone is so helpf ul thanks!!! I think I might try with bins at first then if that's what's recommended!!! Seems like everyone thinks that ha!!! Welcome to all the other newbies!!!
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