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  1. Sorry to hear that Phil is not with us any more. The mount is of no significance in comparison, of course
  2. It's odd but the white Meade mount that your friend Phil is looking grumpy about looks exactly like a white Skywatcher HEQ5 My black non-GOTO HEQ5 does a pretty good job of carrying my TMB / LZOS 130 F/9.2 triplet which is probably longer than Phils Meade but around the same weight:
  3. Nice, detailed and balanced review Mike - I look forward to your further thoughts on the 150 mak-cass in due course
  4. When I'm doing outreach sessions I like to include the globular cluster M15. It's a lovely cluster to observe and it's just so old at 12 billion years ! While looking at the galaxy M33 an 8" scope is quite capable of showing NGC 604 in the galaxies outer regions which is a massive area of nebulosity within M33 itself. To be able to see a DSO within another galaxy always gives me a thrill
  5. I should have given you credit Stu - sorry mate ! I first found M81 and M82 with my Tasco 60mm refractor and I was really thrilled to see them - I didn't think the scope was capable of showing me "exotic" objects like that.
  6. My understanding of the TV plossl design is that the "difference" was the slight concave figure to the outer surfaces (R1 and R6) of the two groups to improve edge sharpness in faster scopes That, and Al's magic dust of course There are rumours that the Vixen NPL's have a similar feature but I've no evidence of that.
  7. Your Skysensor looks so modern compared to the "shoebox size" that my late 1980's one was Jeremy. My old brick had a red LED display just like the old Sinclair calculators and digital watches - very 80's I'll be the modern units are much more user friendly as well. The old ones took seemingly forever to set up
  8. Can't see the pics of yours Dave (edit: oh yes I can now - very nice ! ) Here are pics of my old (I owned this around 1990) Bresser Uranus which was really a Vixen SP102M in a black colour scheme (complete with early Skysensor GOTO) and a couple of my current Vixen ED102SS toting it's Vixen handle and rings, care of your good self Dave plus Moonlite focuser. I've owned the ED102 for over a decade now
  9. So because you can't tell any difference thats it is it ? They are expensive so if you try them and they don't make any difference to you, don't buy them. Oh and by the way, the Nagler T5 16mm is made in Taiwan, not Japan. Most of the larger and more complex Tele Vue designs are made in Taiwan now. There are many very experienced observers around this planet who do use and value Tele Vue's products and other premium brands such as Pentax, Leica, Zeiss etc. This is not an accident and these folks are not just about showing off or throwing money away. They have found over years of comp
  10. Just to add to the good information above, many plossls today have "Super Plossl" printed on them but are the standard 4 element in 2 groups design. Don't assume that just because the "Super" word is there that they have 5 elements or are in any way different to the standard plossl design.
  11. Yes - I had one for that humungous Istar 6" F/12 refractor that I had a while back. Very, very solid mount but a beast to setup
  12. I wanted a driven EQ mount for my big refractor at high power but didn't need or want GOTO. Initially I tried a Celestron AVX which was pretty good but still I needed a power pack and I had to step through a number of the setup stages to get to the point where I could just use the mount as a driven one. Eventually I sold the AVX and bought an old non-GOTO HEQ5 from a member of this forum. It tracks well and the power supply is a bunch of D-Cell batteries in a holder which seem to last for ages (several sessions so far). So a couple of cables from the battery pack to the hand control and the ha
  13. Well worth highlighting these again though Stu
  14. If you use an ortho with a barlow then you have 6 elements (or more) with 6 glass to air surfaces. Just 1 less element than the UWAN 4mm or the ES 4.7mm
  15. Very much my preferences too. I'm a star hopper though rather than a circle reader.
  16. Presumably the people you need to convince are the retailer from whom you purchased the mount from, rather than us ? Probably best to get a refund then pick an alternative mount. Good luck
  17. I don't think I've seen an EQ mount with "proper" setting circles for over a decade ...... My HEQ5 mount carries the ED120 and heavier / longer TMB / LZOS 130 F/9 fine but the setting circles are not something I'd use on the mount. The old Fullerscopes mounts had decent circles:
  18. I've owned a few ED80's over the years but none at the moment. I'm visual only so I just looked through them. Here is the Orion (USA) branded one I had a few years ago:
  19. Are you sure that this fits the EQ5 /HEQ5 and the EQ6 / NEQ6 mounts ? The EQ6 and NEQ6 mount heads have a different fitting to the EQ5 / HEQ5.
  20. Just try and get the scope to focus on a distant object with the H20 eyepiece for now. Don't worry about collimation just yet !
  21. The black ones with the red line around them are re-brands of the Skywatcher UWA / Orion Expanse eyepieces. They work quite well in F/10 scopes.
  22. Hello and welcome to the forum. Is this the scope you have ?: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kenley-76-700-Newtonian-Reflector-Telescope-With-Tripod-And-Accessories-/152664369808?nma=true&si=V0zQestIAR09dCJvPvc4dv26%2FqM%3D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 What have you tried to view with the scope and with what eyepiece / barlow lens ? My suggestion would be to just use the H20 eyepiece to start with. Don't use the barlow lens(s) that come with the scope. Make sure that the finder scope is aligned as exactly as possible with the main scope view.
  23. I've been interested in this mount but I've never used one. My Skytee II is doing a good job so it's difficult to justify spending 3x as much on a mount with, on paper at least, less capacity.
  24. Here is my Takahashi FC-100DL in white light solar mode:
  25. My spotter is a very low cost Celestron Landscout 12-36 x 60mm. For the few quid that it cost it performs well for birding as long as you stick at around 20x - the FoV narrows a lot at 12x and things get a little fuzzy over 25x. I've viewed the Moon with it and that was pleasant enough. It shows Jupiters disk and it's 4 brightest moons. It's not going to win any prizes in the astro role but as a cheap birding / wildlife scope it does well enough.
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