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  1. I want a Pentax 5mm XO...

    1. John


      I've been looking for a 5mm XO for a couple of years now. There was one around a year ago but it was snapped up by a certain Mr Bacanin. There is a TMB 5mm Supermono available at the moment in the UK but I've owned one of those and the 30 degree AFoV is just TOO small !

      Good luck in your XO hunting Gerry

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  2. Bought an XW5 to go with the XW7 and XW10!

    1. John


      Excellent choice Michael !

      The XW's are superb eyepieces. Steve (FLO) advised me to try them many years back but it was a while until I actually did. Hats off to RikM for going for a set way back when they were not so widely recognised. The XW5 is my favourite eyepiece for the Moon and planets - it's a pleasure to view though !

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  3. im curious SW 9MM 100DEG VS ES9MM 100DEG

    1. John


      Hi Dan,

      I reckon optically they could well be exactly the same.


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