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  1. I've not witnessed the sighting of a UFO (alien craft) but I've most certainly met a few people that I were sure could have been aliens But on a serious note I'm so sceptical of anything until I see it with my own eyes, even then I question it and systematically start to tear it apart until I get a logical explanation. And unless warp technology exists, I can't imagine any life form willing to take on travel of such great distances.
  2. This is very exciting, to think that this mission sparks (pun intended) a future of missions that will eventually take a manned crew to an asteroid and eventually Mars. The only down fall is UK TV suppliers not broadcasting the event, this leaves me feeling quite deflated. Fingers crossed the mission is a success
  3. I've chosen some great stargazing locations whilst driving, and always find myself resisting the urge to gaze and drive, on many occasions I've stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and 3 hrs later turned up to where I was heading, Whilst on the subject, I do wonder if pilots gaze and fly?
  4. I think I was really lucky, as the only reason I saw it was due to taking the dog out, so thank you doggy! At first I thought it was the Police helicopter shining it's light at me lol
  5. Did anyone else see the car sized meteor tonight, in the north east sky, heading north to south at around 21:24? It's the best one I've ever seen, it even broke up in to smaller rocks and slowly extinguished.
  6. Thank you for the heads up, I was just about to start a thread asking when this would be on, good old beeb, it's times like these I'm happy to pay my TV licence
  7. A void in the astronomy community has been created today, a void that will never be filled, we all owe so much to the immortal legacy that is Patrick Moore.
  8. I have a 5mw I purchased from the bay, think it was 8 quid it works real good and will point at any object nicely, it also keeps the dogs happy, but as said above it destroys battery's for fun.
  9. My first Wow! was seeing a NEO through my scope purely by accident, after that it's got to be Saturn's rings. But TBH I say Wow! every clear night lol
  10. Don't freak out when a pigeon flies out of the tree next to you while engrossed in Saturn's rings.
  11. 39 It's really interesting that the majority vote falls in the 38-47 years Could it signify some kind of mid life crisis
  12. Ah! Thanks for that Kathleen, I did a search but came up blind, But that's the thread I was after
  13. Been looking on the Android market for some astro apps for me new zoom tablet, but so far only found NASA Space weather, Do you know of any others worth downloading?
  14. Match the Parmo! Is that even possible? I regard myself as some what of a Parmo connoisseur, as I used to work in one of the original Parmo resturants (and I still hold the Parmo eating time record), and to date nothing comes close, every time I'm away from home, it's all I crave In fact, I believe if we ever make contact with other intellegent life, we should use the Parmo as a peace offering, If they are not overweight when we meet them, they will be a few years later
  15. Whilst on our hols in Bulgaria, we were looking for somewhere to eat, and upon seeing this restaurant I was immediately drawn in by it's name, It all worked out well also as the restaurant turned out to be really good, and we all enjoyed our meal
  16. What would hail stone feel like? ouch! Well I'm looking on expedia to see when the next available flight will be, should I click on in flight meals
  17. Was a good watch, the CGI was superb and I think Sean Pertwee's narration did the job, would certainly watch again.
  18. If that scope were a horse it would just get shot!
  19. Good find, free delivery on all orders over £25 also.
  20. I would second Sky at Night, I picked up just about every other mag I could, but this is the one I keep buying.
  21. MMMM interesting, I'm going to have a look at that Horizon programmer, this M theory is definitely answering a few questions I've always had. Johnny 5 - "need more input"
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