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  1. thank you all for your kind comments it was amazing to see....they where all taken with a canon 6d and a 14mm samyang lens if all goes well i might be back there in march for the eclips
  2. hi all, its been a bit since my last post so heres a few from my trip to iceland last"krikjufell" by ady.spacephotography, on Flickr november iceland by ady.spacephotography, on Flickriceland by ady.spacephotography, on FlickrIceland by ady.spacephotography, on Flickrnorthern lights iceland by ady.spacephotography, on FlickrIMG_9619 copy by ady.spacephotography, on FlickrIMG_9418 copy by ady.spacephotography, on Flickr
  3. great set of images jim i know this lens is made for crop cameras but do you think it could be used on a fullframe camera as well?
  4. thanks all for the kind comments....i used a canon 6d and a samyang 14mm @ f/2.8 iso 6400 20secs
  5. hi all, had a week off work this week so headed off to dorset to do some landscape work and we had a good clear night so had to get a cheaky pic of durdle door skys where alot darker than i though...thanks for looking ady
  6. thanks again for all your knid comments guys yeah the skys in scotland are ace loads better than coventry :/ symesie04, some were taken in the cairngorms some near ullapool and the aurora image was taken at durness right up north on the west side... ady
  7. thanks everyone... the aurora photos where taken in durness on the north west coast "beautaful place" all exposures where about 15 to 30 secs and on a fixed tripod, i did take my astro trac but even though we had good clear skys clouds where coming and going most of the nights so didnt bother useing it...iso i used on all the images where set at 10000 on my new 6d mainly just to see how good it was at hight iso, on reflection i probally over did it, but it was so tempting not to :/ thanks again ady
  8. tingting, they were all taken with a canon 6d and a 14mm samyang lens.... thanks again for all your comments
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