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  1. Feel for you mate. Its a real bummer when something you look after so carefully gets damaged.
  2. Alan M

    New from Bath

    Hiya Enjoy the site.
  3. Nice one Andy Glad to see you got sorted mate.
  4. Alan M

    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome
  5. Hello and welcome Shane. I spend a few weeks of the year near Horncastle.
  6. Don`t apologise mate, enjoyed reading that.
  7. £5.. Nice one, well done.
  8. I quite enjoyed it, even if it was a bit gloomy at times and seemed to have been sponsored by the Namibian tourist board.
  9. Was looking promising an hour before but by 7pm, total cloud cover.
  10. Cheers, much appreciated.
  11. Thanks for that Chris, really helpfull.
  12. Got mine this week. Not had much time to test them yet but the quick glance through them I did manage was great.
  13. Thanks for the welcome everyone. ShShShSh The wife might be listening
  14. Total newbie here. I`ve been having a look around the forum and found some very helpfull information and advice. I have ordered some new binoculars and am looking forward to some clear skies. Cheers
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