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  1. Hi Steve. Welcome to the site.
  2. Alan M


    Hi Dimmy and welcome to the site. I wish my wife would suprise me with a new scope
  3. Alan M


    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the site.
  4. Hi Pete. welcome to the site
  5. Alan M

    Hey guys!

    Hiya Josh. Welcome and enjoy the site.
  6. Alan M


    Welcome to the site.
  7. Alan M


    Hello and welcome. Enjoy your new scope.
  8. Alan M

    Hi and help!

    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the site
  9. Alan M

    Hi from Preston

    Hi and welcome. Enjoy your new scope.
  10. Alan M

    Hello everyone

    Hiya Dave. Welcome to the site and enjoy your new scope.
  11. Just when I thought I had made my mind up..... That looks a nice bit of kit.
  12. Alan M


    Hello and welcome. Enjoy the site
  13. Hi Andy and welcome. You`re a lucky man to have such good weather.
  14. Hi Tony and welcome to the site.
  15. Alan M

    Another noob

    Hello and enjoy the site.
  16. Hi Wayne, enjoy the site mate.
  17. Wonderful. Brought back so many memories. Thank you.
  18. Alan M

    Scope on order :)

    Congrats on the new scope Vicky. Hope you enjoy it.
  19. Alan M

    Hello from Wexford

    Hi Rory and welcome to the forum.
  20. Hi George Seems like a decent deal you got there mate. Do you mind me asking where from ? Good luck with your new scope.
  21. Alan M


    Hi Stephen So sorry to read of your misfortune. I hope you get everything sorted.
  22. Not heard of this. I`ll look out for it now. Cheers
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