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  1. I think we should keep a healthy respect for each area of our hobby, and celebrate together the different ways in which we study and admire this incredible universe we live in. Dave Definitely!!! I love it all, just dont have time or money for it all lol. Also we need specialists in all areas not just 'jacks of all trades'
  2. I get your point. Wildlife photography can be much harder than you suggest though. Yes anyone can take a pic of an elephant but you try getting a close up clear pic of a humming bird or a bird if prey the moment it swoops and snatches it's prey I personally wouldn't know what part of the world, likely location, habitat, time of year, camera and equipment requirements etc etc etc And anyone can take a snap of the moon just like anyone can take a snap of the cat next door but there is much more to it than that isn't there
  3. Why does everything need a label anyway? If it does then what label would you give someone who loves astronomy, watches all the documentaries they can and reads plenty of books on the subject, studies science at the open university, goes on astronomy courses to gain as much knowledge as possible, thinks about it almost obsessively and wants/dreams to be unrealistically (one day) at the forefront of discovering the mysteries of the universe but doesn't 'stargaze' much at all?
  4. I haven't read all the posts on here so sorry if i repeat something but I can't see any reason why an astronomer who takes pictures is any less of an astronomer or why a photographer is any less of a photographer because of the subject matter they choose. I suppose it depends on your motives. For example if a wildlife expert goes around the world taking pictures of animals that wouldn't mean they are no longer a wildlife expert. But if a photographer chooses wildlife for a subject then that doesn't mean they are a wildlife expert.
  5. Thanks. Yes I remember reading that now that you mention it.
  6. Fantastic! I haven't heard from them yet through the post but I've been given a name and password for the website and a personal profile page so am I right in assuming its a green light for me too? (unfortunately its for the science starts here course but gotta start somewhere)
  7. Anyone know how many episodes there are? Or was it a one off?
  8. Harmless sillyness is not nessecelary a bad thing. Right up my street lol.
  9. Poop! No doubt there will be plenty of repeats throughout the week...
  10. I'll second that, great program. 'Journey to the planets' and 'Journey through the milky way' are also good!
  11. Are you sure it wasn't journey to the edge of the universe?
  12. I applied online. On the payment page I checked the financial help option and three or four days later the forms were on the doormat
  13. Good point. Applying for financial help with the OU is easy. They send the forms out with the application.
  14. Well it worked. Good view too as it wasn't quite dark so no stars in the sky. Next door was out and oblivious to the ISS passing but Makes me wonder what people who don't know what it is have thought when they have seen it.
  15. It's tonight I set it for According the the app it's magnitude -3.4 so it should be a good one. The NASA app gives excellent info too and even 'points' you too where too look but it doesn't give you the brightness. Heavensabove is still the most resourceful for the ISS but as far as apps go my preference is the NASA app for the times and location and Sputnik for the brightness and the alarm.
  16. Just downloaded it thanks and set the alarm for tonight's ISS pass. When does the alarm go off? Is it before or as it happens?
  17. On the iPhone I have NASA, starwalk, solarwalk, 3d sun, mars globe hd, moon globe hd, stellarium, skyview, deluxe moon, planets, THE planets, planets facts, exoplanets, sun viewer, skyorb 3d, messier list, space images, Hubble and the buzz aldrin app. Please share yours and let me know if I'm missing any good ones.
  18. It's nice to have had just a great response. It's been really interesting to read, especially those from before my time (and a little inspiring too) Thank you all who posted.
  19. You did the right thing however your description as to why you don't like the star naming idea you have convinced me that there is a place for it. I can't think of a better way to immortalise someone lost to you. Especially an unborn baby. I personally know what effect this can have on people and it's very sad so if it comforts them then looking up at the stars thinking of lost loved ones then let them. (reminds me of the egyptians) However if it has no credibility or you end up with a star that is invisible then like previously mentioned... Just do it yourself!
  20. Might just do that thanks as I have some old 10x50s I can dig out.
  21. The trouble with that though is like when I was scanning around with a 10" dob I found a faint galaxy (I think) it was a nice view and yet I will never know what it was!
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