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  1. Are you sure it's not Vengaboys or s club 7 or something?
  2. Has anyone heard of this ancient device? If not you MUST check it out. I haven't time for details right now so Please search the above on wikipedia. It's a tool the ancients used for astronomy and it's pretty much well ahead of it's time to say the least. I can't believe we don't hear more about this. That said... The is a documentary about it coming up called 'ancient computer' on national geographic at 1am on June 25th I think so set your recorders Amazing in my humble opinion!
  3. Search the 'Bagdad battery' and the especially the 'antikythera mechanism' Amazing although realistically probably nothing to do with aliens. I'm a sceptic when it comes to the whole ancient astronaut thing but there is some very interesting evidence.
  4. I had an 8 week astronomy course followed by a more advanced 6 week course. Both at my local observatory. On each night I had to taxi home and on almost every occasion after the question from the various taxi drivers 'what you been looking at tonight then?' followed something about aliens. 'have you seen a ufo' or 'do you think there is intelligent life out there.' I didn't mind at first but then I got fed up of the same conversation over and over so I started replying abruptly with 'i hope so, cos there's ****** all here on earth' which usually ended the conversation
  5. Yes it is true, i have heard this a few times however here is a section from the NASA website Several members of the NASA Goddard COBE team work on WMAP. Like COBE, WMAP scans the sky over and over again, soaking up the ancient light from the Big Bang known as the cosmic microwave background. Microwaves are a low-energy form of radiation but higher in energy than radio waves. The cosmic microwave background blankets the universe and is responsible for a sizeable amount of static on your television set--well, before the days of cable. Turn your television to an "in between" channel, and part of the static you'll see is the afterglow of the big bang.
  6. meteoriot


    WSW to E according to NASA from Nottingham. Time is correct though and it was visible for 6mins. Your description sounds spot on but the direction is a little off.
  7. [quote The other thing that gets me is that people think that astronomers look at stars through their scopes. With a belief of being outside looking up at dots in the sky, no wonder why people think we're a bit crazy :-) I agree, I'm sometimes worried about telling people as occasionally their idea of a stargazer is somewhat like a trainspotter or something. If only they knew...
  8. They are separate recordings of unanswered questions rather than recordings of the live show but still worth a listen. Im assured by Robin Ince on twitter that More will be added after they finished BBC radio shows of infinitemonkeycage.
  9. Keep seeing adverts for the OU everywhere now. Has it always been like this or have I only just started noticing. They even sponsor DAVE the tv channel??
  10. Have to add Simon Singh to my list of inspirations and would highly recommend his book 'big bang' and also Jim Alkhalili for his work on Tv.
  11. I'll be checking these out. Can anyone recommend any more?
  12. Excellent thank you. Can anyone recommend any others too?
  13. New method confirms dark energy... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-13462926
  14. No. They want science to be part of popular culture and you don't have to be geeky or have a beard to enjoy it. I thought tomorrow's world was just a technology program showing new inventions etc etc I don't remember anything educational or scientific but maybe my memory is bad!
  15. I don't entirely disagree with some of the negative comments, or should I say I understand it's not for everyone but I want to point out the positives as they far outweigh the negatives and my comments were not aimed directly at you so I hope I didn't come across that way.
  16. 'Everything and Nothing' 'Chemistry' both very good! Thanks for the heads up on 'the cell' and 'atom' I've just managed to acquire them. Looking forward to 'story of electricity' It isnt Jim Alkhalili but 'The story of science' is also very good.
  17. But those that keep them will be dedicated! I also doubt all the thousands of people who have been inspired recently just buy a scope and eBay it later (although many will to the benefit of the new bidder . Astronomy is on tv more, Sky at night is getting more viewers. magazines are selling more. My local observatory has record visitors, A new generation of people are reading Carl Sagan, Record numbers of people are starting university courses in physics and astronomy. Rock venues across the country are being sold out by science gigs!!!! But most importantly people are looking at the stars in wonder!!! What are you all moaning about?! This is a great time to be an astronomer! Regardless of what you think of Brian Cox... love him or hate him It's science and astronomy that's benefiting from all this in a big way and I for one will enjoy every minute of it!
  18. Currently watching 'the story of science' Fantastic stuff (As previously mentioned... Also recently Enjoyed 'everything nothing' by Jim Alkhalili and 'chemistry a volatile history' (looking forward to his new series too) 'Through the wormhole' is ok too as are many others I guess (please recommend) Infinitemonkeycage is very good too on BBC radio 4 as was the live show. For me personally though these are stepping stones from the 'wonders' series. Otherwise I would be unaware, but books and study are the real 'substance over style'!!!
  19. I would recommend 'through the wormhole' on discovery tonight with Morgan Freeman.
  20. I thought there was substance and style personally. Although I agree the style may not have been entirely necessary it certainly served a purpose and as previously mentioned made it compelling enough to inspire thousands. Telescope sales are breaking records, new members on here are soaring, my local observatory has had record visits and science and astronomy are ever more popular and it's featuring on tv more than Before. 'wonders' has had a huge impact and has opened the gates and paved the way for more to come. If you don't like it or if it isn't advanced enough for you then that's fair enough just remember it's positive effect.
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