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  1. Fantastic and yet sad at the same time. Off it goes :(with my photo onboard too:)
  2. You could always just have the one but have it made into something a bit unique. Here are mine and the other half's piece of Campo del Cielo The meteorites themselves cost only around a tenner each. Richard
  3. I've had my say and i stand by it but I'm not going to debate any further. but i would like to say that the $14 to $1 return regarding the lunar project was not political spin doctoring as suggested above nor was it suggesting it was just the technology that was developed that bought back in the money. It was however from study done in America in 1975, And although it can never be 100% accurate (like the drake equation) The study showed that the lunar missions inspired so many people to go into science and technology which in turn enhanced the US economy at a rate of $14 for every dollar spent on the Apollo mission. Similar studies have shown similar results. Fair points about the project being badly managed etc. But remember NASA costs less than 0.13% of GDP and 9x return on investment. Some people don't know the difference between 'spending' and 'investment' Richard
  4. Even more $billions of american tax payers money totally wasted then! Just like the cancellation of the 2020 lunar missions. Don't get me wrong I know times are hard financially but it's a terrible shame to see such a waste. Science is an area in my opinion that should not receive cuts as our future depends on it. Its where discoveries are made and how we advance as a species. People complained about the spending during the first moon landings yet people have shown that for every one dollar spent on the lunar missions fourteen were brought back into the US economy over the long term as a direct result. The people who make these decisions must not see things this way. I get the impression they are just looking at the numbers rather than an investment for the future. Maybe I'm wrong but in my opinion it's terribly sad where priorities are focused. As a certain loved/hated popular tv professor said... 'cutting science is financial suicide' I hope this proposal really doesnt get passed or what's next to go? The Mars Science Laboratory? Once we have finished bailing out the banks and protecting the bankers gigantic bonuses (which apparently cost about the same as a manned mission to mars would) and paying for politicians to have their moats cleaned etc...
  5. Very nice! I must get myself a slice
  6. Thanks very much. I shall have a window shop. http://twitter.com/meteoriot
  7. Jahmanson Where do you buy yours if you don't mind me asking? A few of mine came from eBay and a couple from Steve Arnold from the meteorite men tv show.
  8. Ps fingers crossed. I hope it turns out to be a meteor right!
  9. I want some mars and moon rock lol I have three small pieces of Campo del Cielo (about 30 gram or so total) One piece of Allende which is less than a gram and cost me quite alot as it contains some of the oldest material formed in the solar system and also (according to the meteorite men) contains diamond and graphite over 12billion years old. And also a 568gram chunk of the sikhote-alin which actually belongs to my brother.
  10. Most of my meteorites were equivalent to about £1 per gram. Depends on the type.
  11. There is another thread started by myself on the same subject. Some great posts by others you may want to have a gander at.
  12. Quite amusing i thought. I like the summarisation too. Useful when wanting to simplify things when explaining to people with little or no knowledge of the universe without being boring
  13. Hope the weather is good for you Clear sky etc
  14. I'm not ruling out any possibility. If I ever learn telepathy then whales will be the first thing I attempt communication with Joking aside... I get what your saying. I seen a documentary about squids recently and there ability to learn is fascinating and they are still evolving and starting to learn from each-other as we humans do. It got me thinking about Jupiters moon Europa and perhaps other undiscovered aquatic worlds where life has had the time needed to possibly flourish and gain intelligence . It would be pretty difficult to say the least for intelligent lifeforms to develop technology under water so what could their equivalent be...?
  15. Can he see into the future?
  16. I wouldn't. I would go forward and get some of the answers to the big questions.
  17. Wow just watched Top Gear Now THAT was what I call a waste of budget!
  18. Perhaps aliens are still trying (refusing!) to "register" with us... If they have seen half the **** we broadcast on tv then they might have turned back and gone elsewhere.
  19. Maybe they simply had to start over too? How big of an effect did it have globally? The sky must have looked so much more wonderful then with no light pollution. Without Tv and comfortable indoor surroundings they probably spent much more time looking at it than we do today.
  20. That was one of Carl Sagan's quotes I believe only he said whales rather than cats. I think animals with limited intelligence is an unfair example though. Mathematics and imagery are universal languages and although it wouldn't be a conversation as such, there is no reason we cant communicate. Except maybe the fact that we haven't found any aliens yet
  21. I wonder if there are others pondering these very same questions 'out there' I find it difficult to believe that there isn't. Not because it doesn't 'sit well' with me but when you consider the scale of the place it's pretty damn roomy out there Check out the 'drake equation'
  22. How about water ripples in a pond. The water itself isn't travelling with the ripple but the ripple still moves across the pond. So the stars aren't moving with the spiral arm etc etc
  23. Is there anything else or is this the only object of advanced technology found?
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