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  1. Wish i could change my username to something I would dare admit to lol
  2. I also remember this image popping up in a book and a magazine I read a long time ago of a supposed structure of some sort on the moon. Please let me know if you can see the image as I'm not sure this mobile phone app is working? Richard
  3. If no one else has witnessed or recorded this independent to this recording(?) then judging by the amount of people I would GUESS to be viewing the moon at any one given moment that whatever it is must be unique to this recording and therefor highly likely to be some kind of 'illusion' but if there are more observations like it then I would doubt that. I haven't come to my own conclusion yet but I do not really understand how refracted light could possibly create this effect so I leave that part to others on here. I just don't get how the objects could change from a bright light when infront of the darkness of space to a dark patch as they become infront of the illuminated moon unless they are real objects. However as I said I'll leave that to others Richard
  4. How would a reflection change from a light colour infront of the blackness of space to a dark colour as it passed in front of the moon? if it were an actual object then maybe it isn't changing brightness but we actually see it's shadow as it passes infront of the moon? Richard
  5. Has any one looked if there any professional investigations going on into this?
  6. I didn't even realise anyone had suggested an impact. I'll have to have another read through and check the links above. Richard
  7. Could it just be some space debris or broken meteor in low orbit. I'm only guessing but Because the moon has no atmosphere cant objects orbit lower to the surface? Also I read that the core of the the moon when it was still molten was pulled towards the earth by gravity and therefor the now solidified core isn't central but nearer to the surface facing us than it is the dark side of the moon, hence why the surface we can see isn't anywhere near as cratered as the 'back' because of past concentrated volcanic activity 'replenishing' the surface. Anyway what I'm trying to say is that if the denser core isn't central then this would surely alter the centre of gravity which could lead to irregular orbits? Im just speculating but Fascinating whatever it may be... Richard
  8. Re inksmithy and Helen Thank you for the help I will take a look and hopefully be able to go.
  9. Having never been to one before and having only a pair of binoculars and tripod for viewing can anyone give a a summary of what to expect please? Richard
  10. Top gear? Lol Depends on the definition of wasted.
  11. Look for the thread entitled 'telly getting sillier' and you will see the credit he gets from me as a scientist, astronomer AND a populiser or science'
  12. It was originally @astrojenny and @profbriancox just re-tweeted it. Good article regardless.
  13. Big bang by Simon Singh Horrible cover, unimaginative title but the contents are fantastic. A history of astronomy and how we got where we are today. I would recommend this to anyone and my local observatory even do a course which is partly based around this book. A very well written, detailed, fascinating , informative and entertaining book. Richard
  14. Big bang by Simon Singh Horrible cover, unimaginative title but the contents are fantastic. A history o astronomy and how we got where we are today. I would recommend this to anyone and my local observatory even do a course which is partly based around this book. A fascinating read.
  15. Haha I recently also coincidentally came across this and thought it was very fitting.
  16. Here's a better example of the comparison Is this a clue? Maybe the universe is all in our minds. Maybe it IS our imagination lol
  17. I though the exact same thing. Well sort of. Watching a program with a bit about dinosaur brains it showed computer graphics of inside the brain on a microscopic level an the first thing I thought was 'that looks like the cosmic web! Please let me know if you can see the attached pics Richard
  18. This may not be exactly scientifically accurate but here are my simplified thoughts Quarks make up subatomic particles which make up atoms which makes up matter which makes up planets/asteroids etc which makes up solar systems which makes up galaxies which makes up the cosmic web which makes up the universe to the point where it's too big for us to see further. Why should it stop there? The universe in my imagination is just a tiny part of something much bigger. I imagine it to be spherical like all the smaller things that make it up. If I was an observer big enough, then the universe is just like a particle popping into existence before disappearing again (as they do on our scale) Time and scale would have to be in the eye of the beholder rather and I hope that makes sense to at least one person as i struggle to express my imagination most of the time. Richard
  19. Daft question maybe but how are the astronauts onboard the ISS getting back if this is the last shuttle mission? I guess they have an escape or return pod but I know what its like to miss the last bus home
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