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  1. Actually that second link of yours is pretty amazing!!! And it's the only visualisation ive come across that comes close to some of the ideas in my head that's I have no words for. Thank you!!! Richard
  2. I like that Simpsons intro as you may be able to tell with my previous link Richard
  3. I think stargazing live would be a great opportunity to get public support. Most people have a curiosity about space and astronomy etc but it seems it's importance has dwindled with everyone's day to day lives in the modern urban world. I think by sparking people's awareness again and educating people about how cutbacks are effecting science and astronomy (James Webb Telescope and E-ELT ETC) and what it means we will be missing out on. Just maybe people will care enough to want to do something about it. I cant imagine people rallying and protesting etc but the Internet and social media sites can be powerful tools when used effectively. One small example would be getting Rage against the machine To steal the x factor number one. probably a long shot but doesn't every long journey starts with a step? I know it's not the purpose of the show but i hope im not to far off from having a valid point. I cant help feel that the public would/do care. They are just not aware if it yet. Richard
  4. In that case Do I get 2 cookies for saying it earlier in the thread? Nope! Because there is no right answer. This thread is about how YOU IMAGINE the universe. Not what is the correct theory of the universe. Richard
  5. They are asking for suggestions RIGHT NOW on twitter via @peoplesastro! Let your voice be heard. I've put my vote in for Brian & James May. If they get enough suggestions you never know... Richard
  6. You can buy a binocular/tripod adapter. You can get cheap plastic ones on eBay but I personally prefer the L shaped metal ones as they are much more sturdy. I think the fittings are universal but might be worth checking the thread size for the screw hole in your bins. I got the large L one from Firstlightoptics and it fits my celestron 15x70s
  7. The celestron 15x70s are very good but pretty big and heavy for travel and I find them hard to use without a tripod. I like to use my 10x50s for taking around and ease of use and the 15x70s on the tripod. As for tripods. The horizon tripod on FLO is good but a bit pricey although it's the only one I found that does extend so high that there is no need to crouch down or break your neck or back while looking up lol. It was also recommended by sky at night magazine. Also redsnapperuk.com have a very good tripods at good prices. Richard
  8. Robin Ince would be good but not for drawing the viewers in. They should have guest presenters on each night IMO, I'm all for the James May idea and like the sound of Brian May or Patrick Moore or popping in. I doubt we really have a choice though and I'm sure it'll be good.
  9. Yeah your probably right. Let's start a campaign to get him on lol Hasn't JR been sacked from the BBC now anyway?
  10. I think it was on top gear he recently said he doesn't care about the sun and how it all works etc, can't remember exactly what was said. I like him but I was really disappointed with his ignorance. reminded me of clarkson's attitude towards the environment etc but thats just me i suppose. As you say though please no JR
  11. It will be Cloudy again no doubt
  12. Nice! You can also get some pretty crazy effects with an iPhone camera too
  13. I'm sure there will be many who had a dabble last year and now have scopes gathering dust too. I think it's like guitar playing. So many get an electric guitar at christmas and never learn to play, however those that do stick it out tend to be dedicated to their hobby.
  14. I like the way Dara and Brian were discussing on twitter and yet Mark Thompson (the presenter) hadn't even been told lol
  15. Ps I seem to also remember a recent episode of the sky at night, where patrick was shown similar videos with the explanation given to Patrick was 'impacts' but he didn't buy it.
  16. Other people seem to understand the explanation so it's more likely to be my skim reading as I'm always limited for time on here. I have posted a link or two in this thread about some of the things I found. However YouTube is full of many more. Some are probably reflections some are probably a hoax and some are a bit bonkers but some have been officially classified as 'unknown') but When I have time I will try and post some and perhaps read through this thread again Richard
  17. Still... Even if this turns out to be an optical effect (and I can accept that if anyone can explain it more clearly) I'm still even more baffled by all the footage and pics of similar strange anomalies in space I came across while looking for things similar to this one.
  18. It was. I noticed that too but fully understood what you meant
  19. If you enjoyed that book then you may also like Hidden Reality by Brian Greene also. I haven't read it yet if I'm honest but it's next on my list and has received great reviews.
  20. Understood. There is one of those currently going off on a different thread.
  21. Sorry but I'm not trying to tie it in with anything. Certainly not ufos and government cover ups Among searching for other similar occurrences I discovered that article and thought it would be interesting. Sorry maybe I should have started a new thread. Also I never meant a 'government cover up' etc I meant that some of the anomalies on the moon images have been artificially covered up by NASA by smudging/blurring or with ink and wonder if these strange anomalies were related as with my other link showing similar looking objects to the ones in the original video that started this thread. Apologies if you believe the post has no place here but the reason I posted it has been completely misinterpreted here. I just thought it would be of interest to people trying to solve this mystery and if it isnt an optical illusion of some kind then maybe, just maybe it could be related to other mysterious moon anomalies witnessed in the past but for the record I'm a skeptic when it comes to UFOs and the like and I am in no way suggesting anything of that sort is responsible for this or anything else. Richard
  22. This is a very interesting article and video on unusual objects and structures etc on the moon some if which have been 'covered up' by NASA I'm not sure what to make of it but if it's true and not since proven to be nonsense then it's very interesting Perhaps one of you know more about this? What are YOUR thoughts? http://blog.hallofthegods.org/2009/08/moon-anomalies-giant-lunar-towers.html
  23. This is also well worth a look http://www.phdcomics.com/comics.php?f=1430 Richard
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