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  1. Should be nice. I wonder what will happen to 'The Sky at Night'.
  2. Super. Thanks guys. It has good reviews I have noticed but what's the general opinion on here. It's a lot of money to spend. Any tips or advice regarding eye pieces, filters and combating dew would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  3. Yes Rowan. It does seem like a lot of money for not a lot of extra thanks.
  4. Thanks Graham I think that answers my question. Does the nexstar series feature the 3 star alignment function?
  5. Hi. I am looking at buying a new scope. I am VERY limited for time. With a 60hour a week job and three kids, I do not have time for a full time hobby but i really want to do some of my own viewing but with as limited input and as much output as possible. I go to my local astro club but I want my own scope that will go in the boot of the car that I can take out and set up easily and see whats out there without too much trouble or having to spend lots of time learning. I know this sounds like lazyness but it really is time that limits me. I have recently found the Celestron Skyprodigy 6inch which initially sounded like the absolute perfect option for me. I have since read a few negative comments on here about the auto align being a 'gimmick' and a waste of money but it seems it would allow me to drive out somewhere and get going straight away and have it find objects for me with its auto tour funtions, after it has auto aligned. The other option would be the nexstar8 but I have had no experience with a goto before and do not know how to manually align and how long it takes and then how to find the objects. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Are the sky prodigy really no good? Or do you think they might actually have a use for people such as myself? Thank you Richard
  6. I found this one which looks very similar to the skywatcher. I have only used it a few times so far on the moon but I'm really happy with it. Sorry to hijack the thread but what do you think? I hope I made the right choice http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B008FNGC60
  7. Thanks. I've been doing some searching on eBay. The Philips one is Far too much for my current budget (although some one is selling one in Italy cheap if you can read Italian lol) The lifecam looks like my best bet then. Any thoughts on the Logitech quickcam though before I decide? There is a pre-modded one I may be interested in. Thanks Richard
  8. Brilliant thank you. I will have a gander. Does that mean the other groups such as the one for my local observatory have gone? Richard
  9. What has happened to the Groups on here? I have been away for a while and now I cant find them. Regards Richard
  10. There seem to be various lifecam models on eBay. Is there a particular model that's better?
  11. Wow thanks James that's great info. I do not expect fantastic results but maybe one or two that are reasonable enough for my wall. It's seems the webcam method is the way I'm heading. How difficult are these modifications?
  12. Thanks. I can't get hold of a toucam one but the other is cheap. Are they suitable do you know? Or are there any other suggestions? I know I will require an adapter also.
  13. I've tried that with my binocs. Will give it a go with the scope rhanks
  14. I have Saxon 1000mm 4.5inch mirror on an eq mount. Haven't got the details with me. Does it matter that much? How about these Philips spc cameras or the toucan?
  15. Hi all, Sorry if this has already been covered but I have just got a beginner scope with a standard eyepiece fitting. I would like to capture some basic images of the moon , jupiter, saturn and any other good easy objects that you can recommend. Perhaps a galaxy or cluster. Anyway I am stuck as where to start and would appreciate any help and advice regarding the easiest method to get good basic results. I have heard you can use digital cameras, DLSR cameras and even webcams but where do I start? How do I even attach a camera to my scope and how would I do this without losing the magnifaction, if the camera is in place of the eye piece? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  16. Haha I've read the paperwork, posted a couple of bits on the forum and put my bookmark in the contents page of the study book but so far that's all. Looking forward to getting started in the week
  17. My 'Science starts here' officially started yesterday
  18. Ask him what Is dark matter? What is dark energy? What cause the big bang? How did galaxies form? What was the origin of mass? And last of all why is orange jam called marmalade?
  19. I managed to get most of the maths and English but my science wasn't upto scratch and I feel I would also like to ease myself into studying again as it's been over 10 years. I start science starts here this Oct and will hopefully be doing s104 straight after. I'm hoping to follow the 'Natural Sciences' degree path rather than an open degree. It offers some astronomy, physics, magnetism and cosmology courses but I'll probably do some extra astronomy ones too in-between depending how it plans out for me. What about you? Richard
  20. If i remember correctly Somewhere on the OU site is an 'are you ready for s104' questionnaire which tests your maths etc and let's you know if it's recommended for your level or not. Unfortunately I wasn't ready so I am doing 'science starts here' which gets you up to scratch to the required level. Richard
  21. The short answer is no. As far as im aware the only thing that 'attracts' meteors to the earth is gravity. Richard
  22. Just to add... The riots and clean ups are another example of how powerful social media can be! All you need is a little bit of organisation, a bit of support and enough people to care.
  23. According to the rather helpful link posted above, there is no evidence found to suggest any previous extinction has been linked to polar reversal but we have never relied so heavily on electrical equipment so it would have a bigger effect today. Not sure if I could 'survive' without my iPhone lol Richard
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