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  1. I had this problem too, i think my eyes are too small for the lenses. If you bend over and hold the binoculars between your legs upside down while looking through the opposite end of the binoculars it works ok. It makes it more difficult to manoeuvre but the results speak for themselves.
  2. Thanks, it's a bit out of my price range I'm afraid though
  3. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with a tripod please? With a low income I need it to be as cheap as possible but I don't want to compromise to much on quality. Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated. Richard
  4. Could anyone recommend a good decently priced tripod please?
  5. Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been covered but thanks to advice given on here I have bought myself some 15x70. I now of course need a tripod and know nothing about them. Could anyone and everyone please recommend a good quality suitable tripod as cheap as possible? Many thanks Richard
  6. I was told they will arrive within 2 to 3 days so if I have them and it looks like it might be a clear night then yes I will bring them.
  7. If it helps, I've noticed the Celestron skymaster 15x70 are recommended more than most others. Firstlightoptics sell these but they are also selling some Revalation 15x70 much cheaper. These are also recommended alot in these forums and the bloke from FLO (and others) say that they have the exact same optics as the Celestron ones. I've taken the risk and ordered some this morning.
  8. Thank you for all the advice. I've decided on the 15x70s and hope to buy a nice scope one day in the future. Looking forward to them arriving.
  9. Hi as in my recent post im after a good pair of binoculars for preferably under £100, the more under the better. The celestron skymaster 15x70 (around £80) have cropped up in many recommendations, however I have also been informed that the 'revelation 15x70's 'available for about £50' have exactly the same optics. Can anyone back this up please? The prices are right from what I've seen but what about the optics?
  10. Hi I would certainly be interested, if you can guarantee me they are like new undamaged etc and can come up with a safe way of trading like paypal then please get back to mr asap Many thanks Richard
  11. Hi yes I sit on the left side facing the lecture, I can't remember what most people look like because of the darkness and maybe my memory lol I can't send a link as I'm using my phone but it's on my profile I think. I hope you enjoy the course, Its been good so far.
  12. It's a small world I too am on the same course Really enjoying it so far. I have also put up a post similar to yours on here about binoculars and already got some great advice. I'm liking this forum alot. See you Friday lol I sit on the left side nearest the wall Richard
  13. Would this course be at sherwood observatory by any chance?
  14. Alternatively what would the absolute best binoculars be that I could get for £150 bearing in mind I need a tripod within this budget also. I really appreciate this by the way and I hope to contribute to the lounge myself as I get more experience.
  15. Thanks for all the advice so far. What are the coated optics please? The 20x80 are apparently fully coated according to the advert and are £105. I have bought a tripod but it is very flimsy, would you also have any recommendations at a good price.
  16. hi, that was fast lol, thank you, I intend to buy a better tripod for the bins to probably stay permanently, i can use my 10x50s for hand use. Yes the price is £80ish for both sizes on ebay. I may save up my budget is around £100 but I may be willing to adjust that if it is worth it.
  17. Hi, this is my first post, I am wanting to buy some binoculars within a budget. I have done lots of research and the most common thing I have read is 'all you need are 10x50s or 15x70s' The celestron skymaster 15x70s are definately the most commonly mentioned and Im convinced. However, even though 'all i apparently need' are the 15x70, the 25x70 of the same model are the same price. I already own some reasonable 10x50s so I am more drawn to the 25x70 but I am not confident in departing with my cash as money is short. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by all and as many as possible. Many thanks Richard
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