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  1. My first widefield on the orion constellation. Token with an Canon Eos 400d at Iso800, 15 secs, f7.1 at 22mm. Verstuurd van mijn Transformer TF101 met Tapatalk
  2. Depends on what you want to shoot. I got an 350 also. Verstuurd van mijn Transformer TF101 met Tapatalk
  3. Ye, i will try that tonight. Thanks for the info. I will keep you all updated. Edit: Just checked. Seems the thread on the focusser is to big for the T-Ring. I got the same telescope on the picture below with the same focusser. Didnt try it yet, because i am at work. Will try to fit it tonight, but on visual the thread on the focusser seems to be to big. Which low profile focusser(not to expensive) will fit on this scope and give me garantee focus on my DSLR?
  4. I tried it. I get only in focus with the included barlow. Without the barlow i cannot get the scope in focus. Anyone got an idea to get in focus without a barlow or replacing a complete new focusser?
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