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  1. Help needed please, I had a blonde moment and stuck my cpc11 handset into a EQ5 controller to test it ( yes- dumb moment) ...stuck it back into my CPC11 and it came up with "no responce 17" and then "no responce 16" and says "invalid model", you can back up and go into the menus but as soon as a direction arrow pressed it crashes...Checking the verson numbers and the handset is nxs v5 but the MC says ?.?.?.? Seemed to flash the handset okay (installed 11 packages) but the errors are still there..and can not flash the MC as it just says error when trying to flash bit wierd as i never touched the scope only the handset Problem is , is it the handset or the motor board? Any help would be great
  2. Hi all, I have the vixon gp-2 goto mount with an old skysensor 2000 handset which is working fine but the handset is very bulky,, i have sitting in my shed an EQ-5 control box and synscan handset with all leads but no motors, My question is would pluging in the synscan setup to the vixon motors work? the skysensor uses a centre negitive power source but i think is only for the hand set , But i dont want to just plug in the synscan and then turn it on to find i have fryed my vixon motors or synscan handset lol...Has any one tryed the vixon motors with the synscan setup? Thanks in advance
  3. Seeing as its a jpg cant do a great deal to the image so not done much to it apart from run it through Gradientxterminator and a tweek in PS, Gradientxterminator is well worth having in your collection of tools
  4. Has to be Version 2 as it looks brighter and more colourful
  5. Being partly color blind doent help with me getting the correct background DOH....Is this a little better? Could done with flats adding too
  6. I have not done any photos for a while so thought i would get out and do a few , Took the attached couple of shots unguided on wedge with the CPC11 and Canon D450 M51 17x 50s +4x darks M27 5x 50s +4x darks Stacked in DSS and tweaked in PS
  7. Have been using the QHY5 color cam with my cpc11 with a lot of success but after searching the net a lot of people are now using very different filters to combat when poor seeing (quite often in UK) and to get that fine detail (the banding of jupiter for example), There are so many to choose from , cut filters/pass filters/narrow band filters/IR-cut filters/contrast filters etc to name but a few ,,a lot don't work with the color cams and some do , has anyone had any luck with combating poor seeing and fine detail if so which filter do you use please?
  8. Yes im beginning to think that a IR pass filter wouldn't get me any better images, Does anyone use any other filters for lunar/planetary imaging with a color cam ?
  9. I have the QHY5l-11 color camera and are interested in getting sharper planets/lunar images , i know the pass filters like the Astronomik 642nm and similar filters work well with the mono cams The QHY5 has a built in IR blocking filter but doesnt cancel out all the IR so the pass filter would work to a degree, but worthwhile improvement ?Would be used with the CPC11 sct scope and 2x barlow Anyone use any other filters for imaging with color cams ?
  10. was around 7000 frames (3500 used) stacked in AS2 as 1.5 drizzle then sharpened in Registax and tweaked in PhotoShop Thanks for the comments
  11. This is proberbly the last jupiter of the year for me, taken a while ago but have been playing with the processing part for a while, Taken with Celestron CPC1100 and a QHY5 cam
  12. Thats a great piccy with loads of detail, id be well pleased with that.
  13. Only probs is more money to spend my misses has put me on an astro spending cerfew lol, but thanks fo the info...
  14. Ahh Rubbish lol,,, ahh well thanks for the info inever saw that..
  15. Long story but got a Canon 300D which doesnt do more then 30sec exposures unless using a shutter relase cable, i like using DSLR reomote pro which gives a preview after each exposure, Too go longer then 30 sec exposures i have bought a serial cable and usb adaptor and set this up on com3 (also tryed com2) plugged every thing into DSLR remote pro and set camera to "bulb" only for the time lapse bit to be greyed out and still unable to set longer the 30sec.. Plugged in and using DSLR shutter and everything works fine with as long as exposures as i like... I can have both progams running and use remote pro for the preview bits but would rather use remote pro for it all really,, Any ideas why remote pro isnt seeing my camera's serial lead?
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