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  1. Looks like the 6se is the one to go for for now and the grandson has rang to tell me his friend has bought a evostar 90 so can he have that one thats one problem sorted I suppose, Ill let you know how he gets on.Is it the celestron c6a xlt your referring to as we were shown them very nice piece of kit and something I forgot about in the mix a little more expensive but not out of the way ,
  2. Hi nexus 6 it was indeed the nexstar 6se thanks for that,it is the one being reccomended by all the dealers for the cash we have to spend and in thier view the easiest one to learn with,they also suggest the other manual scopes as one guy said once the goto finds the objects for you then a decent manual scope would help in the learning process I suppose hes right really were just a little confused as to what to buy for the best.
  3. Hi no astrophotography yet just want a decent scope to start with while the cash is here, the grandson will probably be the one that will get interested later on in taking pics due to the science course he chose, hoping to observe the planets and dso but realise some scopes are better for one than the other I am open to any suggestions,the goto idea is being suggested by most of the dealers weve spoke to recently hence the choices above.
  4. starjump

    Another newbie

    Hello again and thankyou for the warm welcome.
  5. Hi everyone Im in the market for my first scope for a long time and after reading up for weeks now, I rather like the celestron nexstar 6se it gets great reviews and I like the idea of the goto system you see my grandson has decided he wants to start as well so size and weight are another factor (hes wimpy),the goto scope initially will be used for finding our way around while learning and after reading many old threads it comes highly reccomended another favourite when we are looking is the skywatcher skymax 150 with eq5 pro goto mount but heavier,we have also been looking at a cheaper (lots) evostar 90 on an eq3 mount or skywatcher 130p eq as a second scope for when we get all confused trying to use whichever of the above we decide to buy,weve bought loads of books (charity shops less than a pound each and plenty about including turn left at orion £1.25) and the grandsons doing a course at school,we also intend to visit sunderland astronomical society, your thoughts on any of the above items would be really helpful and if you decide to destroy me and totally change my mind then Im willing to listen and learn from your experience, also I live in a teeeny little two bed house so space is limited and round our way you cant leave your paving slabs out or they go missing and a garden shed contents goes missing in broad daylight so that option to store one is a no no.We have a 1000 to spend between us .:)
  6. starjump


    Just like me another newbie:hello2:
  7. starjump

    Another newbie

    Hello ladies and gents been browsing your excellent forum for a few weeks now and decided to join in,another newbie from the north east,Im just about to purchase my second:confused: telescope, the first one came wrapped in wax paper and a wooden box over 35 years ago so there will be plenty questions coming your way, may I say times and gear have really changed over the years,looking forward to getting started again plenty time on my hands now:icon_salut:
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