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  1. This is a 300 second test sub from my ATIK 314 through an f7.5 APO... not ideal or even good but it may give you some idea. I have just done a couple of histogram stretches so it's not just black From the filename you may guess that was through a Ha filter...
  2. A quick run through DBE in Pixinsight... I must have a go at widefield sometime
  3. I had a pair of 10mm Aluminium discs as shown waterjet cut by a chap in Scotland, cost less than £30 including postage.
  4. I used an SPC for about a year (link in my .sig) and when I changed to DSLR I was amazed how much easier it was... Looks like you are getting on top of the guiding part, but why use the mak rather than the sw130p?
  5. Indeed, just wanted to emphasise there was more there... good for an F10 scope
  6. Gave it a bit of a brighten with levels and curves in PI
  7. It doesn't have to be cooled for AT, but I normally start it off so it is getting ready for imaging... I either use 5 or 10 seconds in AT and that seems to be enough.
  8. I just use the Ascom Camera option and let it go do it's own stuff, I think you have to release the camera from artemis first though.
  9. AT works fine with my 314L+. I bought Nebulosity for the PHD dither integration, but I do also like the scripting for captures and controlling the EFW2 filter wheel.
  10. Not better but different is a brick pier like mine http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/152143-brick-pier It's built onto a paving slab and I've had no problems at all with it.
  11. I have built several like this for medical equipment. Cheap to make too.
  12. I think I tried it, IIRC I just used the shortest exposure and adjusted the light to suit.
  13. If you don't value his autograph enough to pay for it, why would you want it?
  14. Same here, only just bought PI and Nebulosity a few weeks ago but I'm liking the combination for the same reasons.
  15. Keep the scope and look for an Enfield 350, bags of character, easy to maintain and look and sound great - dirt cheap to buy too.
  16. That's the one I use to run my HEQ5, ATIK 314L+, Powered hub, Loadstar, EFW2 filter wheel....
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