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  1. I have a lot of that on the odd occasions I get out... sometimes nothing goes right and when I try it again the next day in daylight all works fine.... Eventually I wrote a check-list as I found problems so I could go through them quickly, and now problems are mostly delays rather than wasted nights. Not being able to have a perm setup is a pain but I managed to compromise by having a permanent pier in the garden and setting up on that each night I go out - this means that PA is pretty darned close just by dropping the mount onto the pier, and I let guiding worry about the rest. Don't even think of giving up, you'll just kick yourself on the next clear night
  2. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/better-homes-gardens/tv-and-video/video/watch/19338840/garden-makeover-using-sandstone-ep-37-11-10-13/
  3. Keep the PSU indoors and run the low voltage out to the mount as Tinker said - far safer
  4. Amazing! another one for the "to do" list
  5. I have just had a look and V3 is now out, you need to update your license (can do this on the website) to the v3 classic license... there is a $20 cost to upgrade this to a "premium" license... I haven't looked at the details of what the differences are. Link to upgrade license http://www.backyardeos.com/upgrade.aspx
  6. Hmm, I have reinstalled it 3 times so far with no problems...
  7. I find Medium and settle at < 0.5 works OK, I think it's the settle value that makes the difference.
  8. Just re-install on the new netbook and enter the license key you received by email.
  9. I use it because i wanted PHD dither integration. I just use it to capture... calibration, registration and stacking is done in PI.
  10. Also, this is your field of view with the 314L+ assuming you have the 250PDS..
  11. I use Neb 3 with the ATIK 314l+ just fine. As Daz said, check you have the latest drivers, connect the cam, start Neb 3 and select ATIK Universal in the camera selection. Post here how you get on..
  12. Sounds like my night last night Jake, spent 3 hours trying to get PHD working again after trying PHD2 :/
  13. You should consider writing a tutorial on pixel math and its uses
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