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  1. Out of curiosity I dropped the image into Astrometry.net to see where it was and I was surprised to several others have got close to Damien's pic in the similar images. here is one http://nova.astrometry.net/user_images/133847#annotated
  2. At least you have it sorted... I haven't managed a single sub on ISON yet
  3. Yep that is the focusser drawtube. I had the same problem on my 200PDS and changed the focusser for this one http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-focusers/skywatcher-dual-speed-low-profile-1252-inch-crayford-focuser.html the drawtube is in two sections so you can adjust the total length of the tube, and ensure that at prime focus for the camera that the drawtube doesn't protude into the OTA.
  4. Indeed, I have had a tool break and make a nasty gouge in my Lexan full face mask... scared the heck out of me.
  5. I wouldn't do option 1, and with the other two I'd worry about them moving with respect to each other.
  6. Gina, what is that bit in between the OAG and the EFW2? mine is right up against the EFW2...
  7. I'd pick the 200p dob for the same reasons as above. Buy lots of wrapping paper as the boxes are pretty big
  8. Going back to the OP, don't you just need to add 6mm of spacers to get the image plane up to 54.7?
  9. I thought the use of washers was a good idea - makes it all the more rigid, and it'll be something I'll be retro-fitting to my pier when I remember to buy the washers... I had similar "wisdom" given to me when I made my brick pier - it works perfectly well as all the forces that need to considered are compressive straight down the centre of the pier, there are no torsional forces as the scope moves slowly even at full slew with no sudden braking, and there are no lateral forces as the scope and mount are balanced. If it works, it works. just remember that there are a lot of mobile imagers that use the tripod that comes with a HEQ6 and no-one refers to that as sturdy
  10. A cracking image, very nice indeed
  11. +1 for the spiral wrap, I've been using it to tidy cables for over 30 years and I still haven't found anything better.
  12. I haven't been out since August... there has been a couple of clear nights but always when I have to be up at stupid o'clock in the morning :/
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