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  1. How about M81/M82? that way you get a free supernova
  2. Well done Carole, it's a great image
  3. NASA have some free ebooks, here is the link for the aeronautics ones http://www.aeronautics.nasa.gov/ebooks/index.htm I'm sure I have a link somewhere for astro ones too...
  4. I was thinking of making a starfield with small ball-bearings glued to a sheet of ply with the light source behind the telescope. I know people have done that with a single ball bearing.
  5. I've used the SW CC on a 200pds with a canon 1100 and was very happy with the results.
  6. Rik, you can get a trial license to use the full version for 45 days, I bought it within 45 minutes https://pixinsight.com/trial/
  7. I hate PS and love PI still got lots to learn though... I bought it after playing with DBE/ABE in the demo software - my jaw literally dropped...
  8. Oooh.... so tempted to order one of them....
  9. Out of interest I looked up the dehumidifier I use, 3p per hour http://www.dry-it-out.com/wdh-210hb-wdh210hb-dehumidifier
  10. It's an astro shed not an obsy, so heat isn't an issue. As I have about £4K of kit in there I don't begrudge the 20p per day to keep it dry
  11. I have a dehumidifier on a timer - 2 hours 3 times a day keeps it dry, the shed is insulated so it warms it up a couple of degrees, and once I set up the kit outside I have an oil filled radiator to warm me up while I'm in the shed... once all is running back in the house with VNC on a laptop
  12. I like them both, the first has a lovely feeling of depth and the second for more detail.
  13. I thought Dr Carolyn Porco was fantastic, especially in the second part. Good show overall too.
  14. After a year of using a home made Bahtinov mask, one night while imaging I thought I'd try a "Y" mask - after 2 mins with a piece of card and a pair of scissors, I had a working one I find them much better and haven't gone back.
  15. She's ok when in front of the camera, but annoying when doing the voice-over bits, so I think it'll work out
  16. Very nice images, I haven't been out for a month now :/
  17. I used a laser for a couple of years then bought a cheshire, wish i'd started with the cheshire, i'd never have bought the laser....
  18. Just gave it a quick run through DBE in PI while I'm running a job @ work, still a bit green in the middle...
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