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  1. Right ok, thankyou so much for your help. I'm considering just buying a digital camera, and selling this one. I really don't know how to use it, and would be better of with a collector or someone who knows how to get the best out of it. Film is expensive and so are the batterys Batterys - £2.50 Film - £4-£6 The money I would spend I could by a digital camera, with a re-charge battery and a small sd card.
  2. Hi, just a quick question again, the shutter is open all the time isn't? When I look through I can see stuff so take a picture. Taken battery out, and put it on to bulb mode, locked and loaded and took one picture. I'm confused lol
  3. Yes, that's the camera, I got it from a car boot, it all works, fantastic little thing. What you have said sounds great, an I can't thankyou enough for the advice, as you have had one of these, and told me how to use it, I feel at ease now. The film I have is 200, but will be getting 400 soon. Oh yes it does have the sliding job, is this good or bad?
  4. Ok I sort of understand some bits there lol. What do you mean by exposure times?
  5. Yes it's film, never used one before, so its all new to me. The lens on it goes from 70mm - 210
  6. I have recently brought a Praktica BCA electronic 35mm camera, its a great piece of kit for the age, but not had a chance to use too look at the night sky. Any ideas how good this little bit of kit will be?
  7. @ vega....great comments about the objects seen, I would love to have a great view of Orion nebula, in my scope it's just a smudge lol. Is M31 clear in this scope? For under £400, your getting 10" of apature, you can't ask for me really can you?
  8. Thanks steve, can't wait to get my scope now. Would love to try the messier list, I tried doing it through my current scope, but it's not good enough in town centre. What will the size if planets look like through the scope? I mean in my current scope Jupiter looks like a small pea, with 4 bits of dandruff floating around it lol.
  9. It is a great document, will be printing that off asap. Living in town is not the best, but I can take it to my parents, and be it lots of darkness there. I just don't want to buy the telescope, and still get the same views as my 3"
  10. Great!!! I've not purchased yet, I will be on Friday, just wanted to know what I will see, my 3" is not what I expected, and want bigger, clearer images. So I will not be disappointed then?
  11. I'd like to know what I will see, like DSO and planets? I live in a town centre aswell, could anyone send some pics over or a detailed outline of what I expect to see! My current scope is a 3" Newtonian reflector.
  12. I did think about getting a credit card, but would rather not, I like the option on warehouse express were you buy now, pay in 6 months etc etc. Don't know what to do, I'm rubbish at saving, but good at paying monthly bills, I need to upgrade telescope, I have a 76mm reflector from Argos, it's not what I expected. I live in a town centre, so need something that gives great views of planets & DSO, plus I can user webcam to take a few snaps.
  13. Ok so they sound good, but they don't have much of a choice, are there any other sites with finance and more choice!
  14. The only place I can find telescope finance is warehouse express, but I'm not sure on this company, is there other websites that do finance on telescopes?
  15. Thankyou so much...I've allways wanted a dob, so think you have done it for me. Thanks again
  16. I live in a town, so lots of light pollution, I was looking at a dobsonian for a while, but I was told that living in a town it would be no good. I want to look at DSO & planets, I have a budget of £400, and have had some great advice, but would like to know your thoughts.
  17. Wow, didn't know I would get this many replys, thank you so much guys. You have given me a lot of thought now, and am a bit confused? I'm gonna sound stupid now, but what is motor drive? Do I need my laptop to use it? I've just found this one, Sky-Watcher SkyMax-127 SupaTrak Auto 5, (127mm) Motorised Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope (#128) - Warehouse Express Is this the sort of telescope I should be looking at?
  18. Hello everyone, I have a department store 76mm reflector telescope, and to be honest, I want to upgrade. But to what? I love looking at the planets, and the moon, but want to have the advantage of planets and deep space, I also have a solar system camera for snap shots! My budget is £400, what would you recommend ? I would like Go-To, to see amazing views of Jupiter and really good views of deep space! Is this possible for £400?
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