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  1. Just got back from a weekend camping in devon, incredibly strong winds, chuffed to pieces though that my new tent withstood the baptism of fire without breaking much of a sweat. Glad I didn't take scope as it would have been impossible to operate

  2. First light tonight, just got back in with the kit absolutely brilliant night despite the horrendous light pollution.

    Pointed the scope at the moon which looked stunning, the detail you can pick out is really quite something, I studied that until it dissapeared behind a chimney then swung the scope round and waited for saturn to appear wow unmistakeable, it doesnt look real almost like someone is hanging a miniature saturn off the end of my reflector incresed the res and could definitely make out two moons possibly a third.

    I definitely need to find a darker site though the block of flats I live in have a communal bit of ground and has three flood lights a car park flooded with lights right below where saturn was all in all though a great first session :D

  3. Ive been running the seti program for the best part of 11 years, alas nothing has been found in that time but im doing my part, theres nothing to lose but plenty to gain from a small free program that takes up next to nothing of your systems resources.

  4. Gutted too much cloud cover here so gave up and went to the pub to watch the end of the rugby, got back checked stellarium and saw it was just making another pass about 10 mins ago ran out the back but it had already dissapeared behind the building :eek: not having much luck.

    I get another chance tomorrow though at 6:13 so will be ready :rolleyes:

  5. Well I got the opportunity to buy my first scope the other day its a Skywatcher 200p for just over £300, its absolutely immaculate the guy I bought it from had only owned it since October, Ive got to say im absolutely chuffed to bits with the scope ableit ive not had a single gap in the thick grey/white cloud here since I got it.

    Here comes my problem I laid down the ota on my carpet and the tube rolled over onto the side where the eyepiece goes and managed to snap off one of the little thumb screws that hold the eyepiece in place.

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get one/some? or if anyone has any spare here they would like to donate/sell?



  6. I saw Jupiter for the first time with the naked eye tonight, I checked Stellarium & it showed Jupiter just to the left of the moon, went outside and there it was exactly where stellarium said it would be, it was clearly the brightest thing in sky at the time, Im sure ive seen it before but just assumed it was just another star. Sadly 20 seconds viewing and it dissapeared behind cloud along with everything else & nothing has made an appearance since

    Still was a pretty amazing experience to know what im looking at.

  7. wow thanks for the warm welcome tis one of the reasons I registered on here is because you all seem a nice bunch.

    Welcome to SGL

    You have made an excellent start going down the bino route.

    All newbies would be better off getting to know an appreciate the hobby before going scope crazy.

    If you in the London area do plan a visit to the Astrofest in Feb , you can get up close and personal with a variety of equipment.

    Not gonna be able to make it to astrofest, I was working today which is a shame & I havent been in long.

    To be honest I was tempted to dive straight in and buy a Telescope but have managed to resist the urge so far its easy to look on a place like ebay and be suckered into scopes that wont last 5 minutes.

    Hi Dan and welcome to SGL

    Whilst waiting for clear skies (know the feeling) Have you downloaded Stellarium to see what you're missing - excellent free piece of software.


    Hi yeah I spotted that program on here the other day, downloaded it and ive got to say im impressed, so long as you know your N,E,S,W and have a basic understanding of the stars point your scope in the general direction and your gonna be in luck surely?

    I quite like the idea of chasing the odd Satellite across the sky and Stellarium will be invaluable for that.

    Hi Dan and welcome to the forum.

    We're all beginners really as everything keeps changing as such a pace be it equipment, knowledge and discoveries in space. Do you know what scope you're getting for your birthday- if those buying need any help they could always post a question or two on here first!

    Clear skies


    I have a fair idea of what im after, the Skywatcher Explorer 200 in one of its longer/shorter varients has caught my eye.

    Its funny because you look at something like a 113mm reflector & think wow look at the size of that beast, then you see the 130mm version which can absorb X% more light, then 150mm and so on & you can just keep going I suppose you have to call it a day at some point. Im happy to settle on something in the £300 to £400 mark.

    Im not too fussed about Goto software but a motor of some kind to help with tracking makes sense, I see my scope as an investment in something which I plan to use for many years so need to find the right balance between price and portability.

  8. Hi all, been browsing the this excellent forum for a couple of weeks now, but decided to make myself known.

    I am complete beginner to Astronomy.

    As a child it was always something that I wanted to get into though my parents could not afford a telescope and my early enthusiasm waned.

    A couple of years back I was out Night Fishing in Sussex when for no real reason I decided to look up, Oh my... :) the sky was absolutely littered with stars, For someone who lives very near london and only used to poor seeing conditions, It was all so big and dazzling I nearly fell over, suffice to say my interest in the whole subject was reignited.

    Then along came Prof Brian Cox and his enthusiasm for astronomy, this would finally sell it to me, so now ive armed myself with the Turn Left at Orion book and some Celestron 20x50 bins & I am just waiting for a clear night here something I havent seen for two weeks & I'll head out and see what I can find.

    I will hopefully be getting a Telescope in March for my birthday but for now im sure I'll speak to many of you on here.

    Dark skies for all :)


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