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  1. -21 would keep the sensor cool though although the battery life would suffer a bit. Good first effort, i am still waiting to get some kit together.
  2. Hi and welcome to the Forum, fancy a house swap then LOL
  3. oh my goodness, great shot Thanks for posting, it is the first image I have seen of the sun like this (What a noob)
  4. Congratulations, hope it works out well for you I think the recent BBC & Brian Cox efforts have peaked a lot of people's interest in this fascinating subject, including mine
  5. Three nice shots there There is a bit of CA / blue fringing on the edge of the moon but that is a quick solve in PS
  6. Thanks for the links, that is some pretty intense camera bashing I have so much to learn
  7. Great post and very interesting results, it shows the effect of heat very well. Out of interest, how do you cool a DSLR chip?
  8. HI and welcome, Another vote for Stellarium
  9. Are you talking about the DO version or the normal one? My GF had a copy of the normal one and I didn't rate it for contrast or sharpness but I am quite fussy about such thinks
  10. Nice job, thanks for the tip. How do you find the Astrotrac, and what camera/lens combo do you use. I was/am looking at one of these to get me started in astrophotograpy.
  11. Nice one Dara, i tried to enter parameters with the 1DMkIIn but i can't get a lens option, just a tick
  12. Hi Jen, I am a newbie as well, just joined here last week I will vouch for Stellarium (just google it) and binos. I have only had one clear night so far but you can learn a lot with Stellarium alone. Welcome to the forum
  13. I was experimenting with my 400 and 1DMkIIn (1.3 crop) last night and found that anything above 2.5 sec was inducing star trailing.
  14. Pretty new to this but i will go along with the beige and brown with Saturn and of course the different coloured stars.
  15. That is one big image, really amazing, thanks for posting
  16. Hi Jarmo welcome, best of luck with the arm
  17. Thanks I might look into it again, I am being persuaded by others to go down the HEQ5 / 6 route especially as I would like to get into astrophotography! Make every photo count has just arrived this morning so I have a couple of days reading ahead
  18. Yes for my sins, I blame the day Job It makes a change from my other passion (underwater photography) where the majority of cameras are Nikon!!
  19. Great shot, thanks for sharing, not sure I can remember 35c
  20. Wow, many thanks for the warm welcome guys, I have downloaded Stellarium, and what a magnificent resource it is, excellent for getting to grips with the basics, (and I am sure beyond as well). Had a semi-clear night last night so managed to get out and ID a fair few constellations. Decided that ISO 3600 is not the way to go with imaging LOL so am looking into stacking software that can be used on a Mac! Initially thought of getting an EQ mount to put my camera on and try from there then add a scope to it when funds allow. Once again thanks for the welcome and a special thanks to Andyuk who has been providing lots of info and ways for me to spend money via PM Tristan
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