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  1. -21 would keep the sensor cool though although the battery life would suffer a bit. Good first effort, i am still waiting to get some kit together.
  2. Hi and welcome to the Forum, fancy a house swap then LOL
  3. oh my goodness, great shot Thanks for posting, it is the first image I have seen of the sun like this (What a noob)
  4. Congratulations, hope it works out well for you I think the recent BBC & Brian Cox efforts have peaked a lot of people's interest in this fascinating subject, including mine
  5. Three nice shots there There is a bit of CA / blue fringing on the edge of the moon but that is a quick solve in PS
  6. Thanks for the links, that is some pretty intense camera bashing I have so much to learn
  7. Great post and very interesting results, it shows the effect of heat very well. Out of interest, how do you cool a DSLR chip?
  8. HI and welcome, Another vote for Stellarium
  9. Are you talking about the DO version or the normal one? My GF had a copy of the normal one and I didn't rate it for contrast or sharpness but I am quite fussy about such thinks
  10. Nice job, thanks for the tip. How do you find the Astrotrac, and what camera/lens combo do you use. I was/am looking at one of these to get me started in astrophotograpy.
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