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  1. You would think it would certainly be possible now, if money was no object and we could use the most advanced materials and advanced technology available to us, surely at least colonies on the moon and on mars would be possible! Unfortunately it all comes down to money in the end. I struggle how to see it will ever be possible working the way we currently do.
  2. Imok

    First Light

    Yeah I got the SW 150p, and you are right it was Virgo, meant Taurus when I said it, but just getting confused cos I'm a newb Saturn was still in the field of view I'm sure, just difficulty focussing. Hopefully I'll get another chance a bit later at night pretty soon!
  3. Imok

    First Light

    Hi I'm in south east England, and Saturn didn't rise until 8:40pm here too, it was low in the sky when we were looking. I'm pretty new to it all so I'm not too sure how much conditions were at fault and how much was me. Things were certainly moving about a bit but I know at least part of that was the wind blowing the scope, because it coincided with large gusts. When trying to focus I felt like I was going the right way, it was coming into more focus but I reached the limit before I got there... I'll deffo need to give it another try soon at around 3am!
  4. Finally I got out last night I've had my scope over a month, but due to how my shifts work there are only 2 days out of 8 that I am able to stay up late, and they've all been cloudy, until last night! I don't have a garden so we went to a dark car park in a forrest park about 30 mins from me. I had wrapped up warm, wearing 3 tshirts instead of a tshirt and a jumper, nice warm jacket, hat, scarf, gloves... why didn't I think to wear extra socks? My feet were painfully cold but thats a lesson learned at least. We set up about 7:40pm, with no planets up, and no moon, we headed straight for the orion nebula. I was quite surprised as to how easy it was too find, although I did need to check some pictures to make sure I wasn't just looking at a cloud or a smudge on the lens! We then warmed up in the car, waiting patiently for Saturn to arrive over the horizon. I had worked out roughly where in Taurus that Saturn was going to appear from, and when I finally saw something that didn't fit, I began homing in on Saturn. This was a little trickier I found. It seemed like every time I had it reasonably lined up, it had moved. Finally I managed to find it with the wide angle eye piece, started to focus on this fast moving Saturn, and to my surprise Saturn has one large yellow light, and one small flashing red one... Yes I'd just spent 5 mins chasing a plane that was coincidentally coming straight towards me, so appeared not to be moving in the sky. Eventually we did find the real Saturn, not fake imposter Saturn, and it really was quite a nice feeling. We are complete newbs in terms of telescope operation and I had my doubts over whether or not we would find anything on the first night. It was very small in the 25mm eyepiece, but we managed to focus it briefly and see the rings. The wind was a real pain, it was very windy, not only cold, but the wind was actually shaking the scope, not so much that you could see from the outside, but when big gusts came as you looked through the eyepiece everything was shaking about like mad. I tried the 10mm eyepiece, and the barlow with both eyepieces, but could not get Saturn in focus on any combination apart from the 25mm. Could this be down to collimation? I must admit I don't really have a clue about it so certainly did not do it before we went out, but in the 10mm piece I thought I had got away with it as the image was so sharp, but maybe the lack of collimation is what is stopping me focus with the other eyepieces? I kinda hope so actually, cos otherwise I'm out of ideas! Well it was a long cold night but I thoroughly enjoyed it, seeing these things with my own eyes for the first time is something I'm not going to forget any time soon
  5. Hey I also have an old fuji bridge camera with a fixed lens, but with a threaded lens tube type thing. I was hoping I could adapt it somehow to fit onto my 150p but it seems that it might be near enough as expensive as buying a cheap / second-hand SLR?
  6. Hope your enjoying it! I bought one too over a week ago but I still haven't opened the box because I've been so busy... If there was a break in the clouds I might have been more inclined to find some spare time but looking at my workload and weather forecast I reckon it's going to be another week
  7. Imok

    Hello all from Sussex

    Thanks for all your warm welcomes guys. I understand FLO are having a very busy time, so I may need to wait a while to get my scope, but in the meantime I've been reading TLAO, and of course many things on this forum! I have to say, that the content, and general atmosphere on this forum is wonderful, something I've not seen in a long time. Good work guys
  8. Hi everyone. Been reading here for a little while, and been interested in the skies for quite some time, I really don't know why its takes me so long to invest in a telescope but finally I have one on order I've ordered the 150p and eagerly await its arrival, or at least a phone call from FLO, after completing my order I didn't get any delivery details/options, they just said they'd be in contact soon so I'll need to wait till tomorrow to see whats what! I'm a Scot living in Crawley West Sussex at the moment, I'm not too sure where I'll be taking the scope once it arrives as I'm not too familiar with the area yet however I know there are some very dark country surrounding the town so I'm hoping I have some fairly good conditions, although I am a complete amateur! So yeah, fairly excited at the moment, not really understanding why it took me till age 26 before I made this investment considering how much time I spend thinking about whats up there, dreaming, reading, watching documentaries, and I've never seen it with my own eyes! Although to be fair its not a cheap interest and realistically its only been recently I could have afforded to get involved. This place is by far the best read I've found online on the subject, so keep up the good work guys and I look forward to getting involved
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